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We offer select Mettler Toledo industrial shipping scales such as the popular Mettler Toledo BC60 (used to be PS60, PS90, and PS6L). We also offer other items such as select Laboratory balances manufactured by Mettler Toledo. In the past we used to offer the Mettler Toledo 8433 price computing scale and the Tiger II which replaced it.

We are headquartered in central North Carolina and can provide quite a few MT scales and weighing devices to customers in Raleigh, Cary, RTP etc... We can also service and calibrate many of these scales and laboratory balances as well. Call our sales / service team today (919) 776-7737.

  • mettler-toledo-bc150-ups-shipping-scale
    Mettler Toledo BC-150 Large Shipping ScaleMettler Toledo BC-150 shipping scales are ideal for many weighing applications where only gross weight readings are required and where economy or system integration is important. This parcel scale is commonly used at mail box and shipping stores, post offices, corporate shipping departments and package drop-off centers. Replaces PS90. Platform: 16.5" x 20.5", NTEP Legal for Trade. Capacity: 300 x 0.1 lb
  • mettler-toledo-bc60-ups-shipping-scale
    Mettler Toledo BC-60 Shipping ScaleMettler Toledo BC60 scales include the latest technology & is the replacement for the legendary PS60 scale. Offers same ruggedness, reliability, and easy to use. Designed to work with UPS WorldShip®, FedEx Ship Manager®, DHL EasyShip® & other shipping and manifesting software. Ideal for parcel shipping stores, warehouse packing stations & shipping departments. NTEP certified.
  • mettler-toledo-bc-6l-postal-mail-scale
    Mettler Toledo BC-6L Postal Mail Shipping ScaleThe Mettler Toledo BC-6L (replaces PS6L) parcel scale weighs both letters and packages to the required resolution. The BCA‐222‐6LU‐1501‐110 meets USPS accuracy specifications for 70 lb counter scales. Capacity: 0-10 lb. x 0.1 oz / 0-70 lb. x 0.2 oz. / 0-150 lb. x 0.5 oz.
  • mettler-toledo-xs-analytical-balance
    Mettler Toledo Excellence Micro BalanceThe Mettler Toledo Excellence Balance features top weighing performance and maximum application support.
  • mettler-toledo-me-te-precision-weigh-balance
    Mettler Toledo ME-TE Precision BalanceMettler Toledo ME-TE balance is ideal for your lab’s sensitive yet routine weighing procedures. For example, ME3002TE has a capacity of 3200 grams with a readability of 0.01 grams. An intuitive touchscreen makes daily tasks as simple as possible while built in features give the operators everything they need to weigh with the accuracy, repeatability and traceability required.
  • mettler-toledo-moisture-analyzer
    Mettler Toledo Moisture BalancesThe moisture analyzer consists of two components, a balance unit and a heating unit. Typically, laboratory workers require an instrument which is easy to use and guides operators through the process. This ensures that users are following the right procedures thus preventing handling errors. Graphical user guidance, shortcuts, user management and languages are helpful instrument functionalities.
  • mettler-toledo-ms-analytical-balance
    Mettler Toledo MS Analytical BalanceThe built-in security features on Mettler Toledo MS analytical balances ensure results are always valid. Operators receive a warning if any problems are encountered or tolerances are not adhered to. Corrective actions can be taken immediately, avoiding costly reworking later.
  • mettler-toledo-ms-precision-gram-balance
    Mettler Toledo MS Precision BalanceThe Mettler Toledo MS precision balance is a versatile line of weighing equipment suited for weighing various items. The Monobloc high performance weighing cell guarantees a long service life. High grade aluminum housing resists the harshest chemical spills. Standard RS232 to connect to PC, printer, or bar code reader. Available in high capacity models as well.
  • mettler-toledo-xs-analytical-balance
    Mettler Toledo XS Analytical BalanceThe Mettler Toledo XS Analytical Balance features tenth of a milligram readability. The XS analytical line, with its innovative accessories, sets new standards for fast and efficient weighing processes. The touchscreen is bright and clear to read. The special draft shield can be operated with either left or right hand reducing awkward dosing processes.
  • mettler-toledo-xs-precision-balances
    Mettler Toledo XS Precision BalanceThe robust and reliable Mettler Toledo XS precision balance delivers fast and accurate results even in the toughest of workplaces. Models such as the XS2002S has a capacity of 2100g with a readability of 0.01g. The innovative Smartpan weigh pan comes standard on all 1mg and 10mg balances with the standard weighing pan. The touchscreen is bright and clear to read.

Independent Scale Company

Mettler Toledo is known virtually in every industry as a top name in the measurement world. The MT line of industrial scales and laboratory balances is a very good line of weighing equipment. At Central Carolina Scale we are located in Sanford, NC just a little south of the Raleigh Durham area of central North Carolina. We offer a nice variety of Mettler Toledo products for sale. We also repair and calibrate some of those scales as well. However, we are not what you would call a Mettler Toledo distributor. Those dealerships are territorial and they usually offer the entire product line in a particular market.

We actually believe that is a good thing. Being an independent scale dealer, we are able to offer you a nice selection of Mettler Toledo shipping scales and laboratory balances, while at the same time we are able to provide you with other brands of scales such as Avery Weigh-Tronix, Rice Lake, Doran, Pennsylvania Scale etc... We love the fact that we are able to use our experience and expertise to recommend the exact product(s) that we think will work for your particular industry or application. Since 1980, we have been providing weighing equipment and outstanding customer service throughout central North Carolina and beyond. 

XPR6U 6.1g 0.1µg 30279276  XPR2U 2.1g 0.1 µg 30279196 XPR6UD5 6.1g 0.5 µg 30279285  XPR10 10.1g 1µg 30279296 XPR2 2.1g 1µg 30279267  XPR56DR 52g/11g 0.01mg/1 ug 30355539 XPR56C 52g 1µg 30355547  XPR26C 22g 1µg 30355543 XPR206CDR 220g/81g 10µg/5µg 30355551  XPR56 52g 1µg 30355535 XPR26 22g 1µg 30355476 XPR206DR 220g/81g 0.01mg/0.005mg 30355385 XPR26DR 22g/5.1g 0.01mg/1ug 30355530 XPR205 220 g 0.01 mg 30355411 XPR205DR 220g/81g 0.1mg/0.01mg 30355415 XPR105 120g 0.01mg 30355389 XPR105DR 120g/41g 0.1mg/0.01mg 30355342 XPR305D5 320 g 0.05 mg 30469154 XPR205D5 220 g 0.05 mg 30469150 XPR204 220 g 0.1mg 30355419 XPR504S 510 g 0.1 mg 30315652 XPR504SDR 510g/101g 1mg/0.1mg 30315239 XPR303S 310g 1mg XPR303SN 310g 1mg 30316446 XPR603S 610g 1mg 30316504 XPR603SN 610g 1mg 30316540 XPR603SDR 610g/120g 10mg/1mg 30316525 XPR603SNDR 610g/120g 10mg/1mg 30316529 XPR1203S 1210g 1mg 30316563 XPR3003S 3100g 1mg 30316701 XPR3003SD5 3100g 5mg 30316705 XPR5003S 5100g 1mg 30316990 XPR6003SD5 6100g 5mg 30316548 XPR1202S 1210g 0.01g 30317123 XPR2002S 2100g 0.01g 30316996 XPR4002S 4100g 0.01g 30317269 XPR6002S 6100g 0.01g 30317428  XPR6002SDR 6100g/1200g 0.1g/0.01g 30317458 XPR8002S 8100g 0.01g 30317466 XPR10002S 10100g 0.01g 30317433  XPR15002L 15100g 0.01g 30317522 XPR20002LDR 20100g/4200g 0.1g/0.01g 30317526  XPR4001S 4100g 0.1g 30317447 XPR6001S 6100g 0.1g 30317491 XPR8001S 8100g 0.1g 30317511  XPR10001S 10100g 0.1g 30317483 XPR10001L 10100g 0.1g 30317530 XPR16001L 16100g 0.1g 30317542 XPR32001L 32100g 0.1g 30316292  XPR64001L 64100g 0.1g 30316477 XPR32000L 32100g 1g 30316485 XPR64000L 64100g 1g 30316493  XSR105 120g 0.01mg 30355059  XSR225DU 220g/121g 0.1mg/0.01mg 30355364 XSR205DU 220g/81g 0.1mg/0.01mg 30355396 XSR105DU 120g/41g 0.1mg/0.01mg 30355435  XSR304 320g 0.1mg 30355496 XSR204 220g 0.1mg 30355500  XSR204DR 220g/81g 1mg/0.1mg 30355491 XSR104 120g 0.1mg 30355485 XSR64 61g 0.1mg 30355481 XSR303S 310g 1mg 30315757  XSR303SN 310g 1mg 30316500 XSR603S 610g 1mg 30316497 XSR603SN 610g 1mg 30316544 XSR1203S 1210g 1mg 30316567 XSR1202S 1210g 0.01g 30317127  XSR2002S 2100g 0.01g 30317407 XSR4002S 4100g 0.01g 30317443 XSR6002S 6100g 0.01g 30317453  XSR6002SDR 6100g/1200g 0.1g/0.01g 30317462 XSR10002S 10.1kg 10mg 30317437 XSR4001S 4100g 0.1g 30317501 XSR6001S 6100g 0.1g 30317496  XSR8001S 8100g 0.1g 30317515  XSR10001L 10.1kg 0.1g 30317536 XSR16001L 16100g 0.1g 30317549 XSR32001L 32100g 0.1g 30316297 XSR16000L 16100g 1g 30316481  XSR32000L 32100g 1g 30316489 MS105 120g 0.01mg 11142056 MS105DU 42/120g 0.01mg/0.1mg 11142062 MS205DU 82/220g 0.01mg/0.1mg 11142068 MS104TS 120g 0.1mg 30133522 MS204TS 220g 0.1mg 30133523 MS304TS 320g 0.1mg 30133524  MS303TS 320g 1mg 30133525  MS403TS 420g 1mg 30133526 MS603TS 620g 1mg 30133527 MS1003TS 1020g 1mg 30133528 MS1602TS 1620g 0.01g 30133529 MS3002TS 3200g 0.01g 30133530 MS4002TS 4200g 0.01g 30133531 MS4002TSDR 820g/4200g 0.01g 30133532  MS6002TS 6200g 0.01g 30133533  MS6002TSDR 1220g/6200g 0.01g 30133534  MS12002TS 12200g 0.01g 30133535 MS8001TS 8200g 0.1g 30133536 MS12001L 12200g 0.1g 11145013  MS16001L 16200g 0.1g 11145016  MS32001L 32200g 0.1g 11145028  MS32000L 32200g 1g 11145141  ML54T 52g 0.1mg 30243391  ML104T 120g 0.1mg 30243394  ML204T 220g 0.1mg 30243397  ML304T 320g 0.1mg 30243400 ML203T 220g 1mg 30243403  ML303T 320g 1mg 30243406 ML503T 520g 1mg 30243409  ML802T 820g 0.01g 30243412  ML1602T 1620g 0.01g 30243415  ML3002T 3200g 0.01g 30243418  ML4002T 4200g 0.01g 30243421 ML6002T 6200g 0.01g 30243424 ML3001T 3200g 0.1g 30243427 ML6001T 6200g 0.1g 30243430 ME54TE 52g 0.1mg 30216620  ME104TE 120g 0.1mg 30216623 ME204TE 220g 0.1mg 30216625 ME103TE 120g 1mg 30216546  ME203TE 220g 1mg 30216549 ME303TE 320g 1mg 30216552  ME403TE 420g 1mg 30216557 ME1002TE 1200g 0.01g 30216559 ME2002TE 2200g 0.01g 30216561  ME3002TE 3200g 0.01g 30216563  ME4002TE 4200g 0.01g 30216566  ME4001TE 4200g 0.1g 30216568  PL602E 620g 0.01g 30113826  PL1502E 1520g 0.01g 30113823 PL6001E 6200g 0.1g 30113829  HX204 Excellence Halogen Moisture Analyzer, 201g x 0.1mg 30019875 HS153 Excellence Halogen Moisture Analyzer, 151g x 1mg 30019876  HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer, 101g x 1mg 30216103  HE53 Halogen moisture analyzer auto shut off, 54g x 1 mg 30100251  HE73 Halogen moisture analyzer auto shut off, 71g x 1 mg 30237205 3950310 3’ Filtered Enclosure with built-in blower. Includes Granite Work Surface, Waste Chute and Guardian Jr Air Flow Alarm. 3930310 3’ Direct Enclosure with Granite Work Surface, Waste Chute and Guardian Jr Air Flow Alarm. Requires ducting or FilterMate.  3970100 3’ HEPA System Enclosure with Granite Work Surface, Waste Chute, Guardian Jr Air Flow Alarm and separate FilterMate portable exhauster. 63059028 4’ Filtered Enclosure with built-in blower. Includes Granite Work Surface, Waste Chute and Guardian Jr Air Flow Alarm. 3930410 4’ Direct Enclosure with Granite Work Surface, Waste Chute and Guardian Jr Air Flow Alarm. Requires ducting or FilterMate.  63059037 4’ HEPA System Enclosure with Granite Work Surface, Waste Chute, Guardian Jr Air Flow Alarm and separate FilterMate portable exhauster.  3970011 FilterMate Portable Exhauster for Use with Carbon Filter. Filter Not Included. 3970013 FilterMate Portable Exhauster for Use with HEPA and Carbon Filter. HEPA Filter Included Carbon Filter Required. 63059033 FilterMate Portable Exhauster HEPA only w/Thimble Connection 63059031 FilterMate Portable Exhauster HEPA only.