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Load Cells for Sale

Load Cells for Sale

Load Cells are available at Central Carolina Scale. We have a wide range of custom and stock weigh bars & loadcells for sale, ideal for your weighing needs. Brands like Rice Lake RLWS, Cardinal, Vishay Sensortronics, Celtron, BLH, Artech, Flintec, HBM, Revere Transducers, Transcell Technology, & Tedea Huntleigh are available. We also provide weighing assemblies used in tank weighing and batching systems and bulk weighing applications. With over 35,000 quality items available in stock, nobody offers faster, more reliable service to you. From small tension sensors to 1,000,000 lb capacity truck scale and tank weighing assemblies, we have solutions to fit any need. Our extensive inventory of equipment and accessories means you can get your replacement or new equipment quickly. How to select load cells and do I need hermetically sealed cells are also helpful guides that we have available. Load Cell Cable, Tank mounts, mounting hardware, summing cards, junction boxes, and other accessories are available. Our large selection is intended to give you a single source for all your weighing needs. Load Cells for Scales

Styles of Load Cells

S-Beam get their name from their "s" or "z" shape. SBeam provide an output under tension pull. Applications for S Beams include hanging, tank level, hoppers and truck scales.

Bending Beam
Used in tank weighing and industrial process control. Bending Beam feature low profile construction for integration. Single or double end beam available

Compression load cells a lot of times have an integral button design. Compression loadcells are ideal for mounting where space is restricted

Single Point
Single point are commonly used in commercial and industrial weighing systems along with small to mid size bench platforms

Canister cells are commonly used for single and multi-weighing applications


Replacement Load Cells For Your Scales and Machines

If you need load cell sensors then you've come to the right place. Our stock of load cells and load sensing devices includes analog, digital and vibrating beam load cells as well as the Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar transducer. They are suitable for many types of weighing equipment from cells in a vessel weigh, tension and compression applications, FM Approved intrinsically safe systems, or canisters in a truck scale weighbridge. We also offer the Cardinal Scale and Emery Winslow hydraulic load cells.

How Load Cells Work

In the simplest of terms, load cells convert force into an electrical signal. That signal can then be displayed on things like digital weight indicators. They are important components in many industrial weighing systems. In most cases we use strain gauge cells which detect force and it moves the strain gauge, which then measures the movement as an electrical signal that can be used to give power to the scale. We sell a wide variety of these products, both for brand new installations as well as replacement load cells from such suppliers as Artech Industries, Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, Doran Scales, Revere Transducers, Tedea Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Transcell Technology and many more.