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load testing with certified test weight

Load Testing - Certified Test Weights & Weight Cart

Safety Load testing demands that certified test weights be utilized. We have a great selection of test weights, and a certified test cart if necessary for customers throughout the Raleigh-Durham area. These items can be essential for checking things such as a crane, structure, monorail, jib and more. Contact us today (919) 776-7737 to check availability.

Our truck and weights are located in Sanford, North Carolina. We have over 20,000 pounds of certified test weights available that are traceable and certified. Our calibration test weights are checked at the North Carolina State labs in Raleigh which are traceable to NIST.

In addition to the test weights we have available, we also have both push cart & certified motorized carts which allow us to transport weights a reasonable distance from the truck and into places such as inside a building.

Many local crane companies or testing companies around the Carolinas utilize our test weights to stress test elevators and escalators in order to meet OSHA regulations. In some cases, we do offer safety load test weights after normal business hours and on weekends. Call (919) 776-7737 to check availability for your next load test.

safety testing weight for rent

certified test weight cart

Central Carolina Scale offers crane and elevator testing weight for customers throughout a large section of North Carolina. Load testing is required by safety regulations, national standards and manufacturers to ensure workplace safety for employees and equipment.

We can supply certified weight carts which provide efficient weight transportation throughout plants usually only accessible by forklifts. These carts are gas powered and can transport up to 25,000 lbs.

In addition to renting our large test weights, we can also rent smaller test weights as well. Weight rentals of 25 lb or 50 lb weights are also available. Various quantities of weights are available for load tests usually up to 25,000 lb or more.

In a related scenario, we also do rent crane scales. These are helpful in applications where certified weights will not work and unknown objects are used. We offer several capacities including: 5000, 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000 lbs capacities.


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