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Misc Scales and Weighing Equipment

Misc Scales and Weighing Equipment

This page is designated for our miscellaneous products that we wanted to present to you but didn't quite have a proper page to place them in. We also have a wide selection of video. Our newsletter is available for those interested.  Our resource page includes a few links. We also have a discontinued scales page which lists the equipment that is no longer available.

  • Amcells-Doctors-Office-Scale
    AmCells DRS/WWS Digital Doctors ScalesAmCells DRS and WWS scales are ideal for Home Dieters, Doctor's Office / Hospitals, Health Club / Fitness Centers, Sports Teams, Weigh Child or Infant in Parent's Arms or just general maintaining a healthy weight check from time to time. The DRS features a 13.5 x 13.5" platform while the WWS has a larger 18" x 14" platform. Capacity: 100 lb x 0.02 lb, 200 lb x 0.05 lb, 500 lb x 0.1 lb, 750 lb x 0.2 lb
  • anyload-101nh-s-type-loadcell
    Anyload 101NH S-Type Load CellThe 101NH S-beam is a NTEP-approved strain gauge load cell suited to a wide variety of applications due to its simplicity, ease of installation, and overall reliability. Threaded mounting holes allow easy mounting to most fixtures. This IP67 alloy steel S-type transducer is similar to the RL20000, 363, and others.
  • anyload-563yh-shear-beam-loadcell
    Anyload 563YH Shear Beam Load CellThe 563YH is an industry standard shear beam alloy steel load cell that is similar to several other popular transducers. The compact and low-profile design is suited for a variety of medium-capacity applications such as hopper weighing, platform scales, process weighing, and more. This cost-effective product is also frequently used in OEM applications.
  • befour-ps6600-st-wrestling-scale.jpg
    Befour PS-6600 ST Portable ScaleThe nation’s top-selling sports scale. The Befour "Take-A-Weigh" is renowned in sports that require precise weight measurements on the go. Also great for home use, athletic training, and weight management. This scale can be taken anywhere and precisely weigh anything from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ± 0.1 lb.
  • ccs-574-dual-platform-counting-scale.jpg
    CCS-574 Dual Platform Counting ScaleCCS 574 Dual Platform Counting Scale with main platform of either 110 lb with accuracy of 0.002 lb or 50 lb with accuracy of 0.001 lb. Meanwhile, the sample platform is either 5 lb with accuracy of 0.0001 lb or 2 lb with accuracy of 0.00005 lb. You can even connect to a third scale. Great value and easy to use.
  • ccs60-digital-coin-counting-scale.jpg
    CCS-60 Coin Counting ScalePortable, easy to use coin counting scale. Place the coins on the scale and push one button for an immediate count. Preconfigured for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, fifty-cent pieces, and dollar coins. Three customizable keys are available for user-defined coin or token denominations - perfect for arcades.
  • dillon-ct-test-stand.jpg
    Dillon CT Manual Test StandDillon CT Manual Test Stand applies Tension and Compression Loads. Improves Testing Consistency at ultra-affordable prices and accommodates Dillon and Competitive Force Gauges.
  • dillon-gl-gauge.jpg
    Dillon GL Force Gauge Dillon GL Force Gauge is the best equipped force gauge found in its price range, including features such as serial output, backlight, die-cast enclosure, carry case and more. Includes - Hook, plate, cone point, chisel, inverted chisel, extension rod, carry case, batteries, charger, user's manual, calibration card
  • galvanized-floor-scale-weight-platform
    Galvanized Floor Scale SystemGalvanized floor scale with checkered safety tread plate is a great alternative to stainless steel platforms. Hot-Zinc coating galvanization provides the most effective and economical way of protecting steel against corrosion. Galvanized steel offers a unique combination of properties unmatched by any other material. Size: 4' x 4'. Capacity 5000 or 10,000 lb.
  • intelligent-idc-dual-channel-counting-scale
    Intel-Count IDC Dual Channel Counting ScaleThe Intel-Count IDC series is the ideal choice for all your counting needs. Stainless steel weighing platform. ABS structure. Weight capacity from 12 to 60 lb. Large LCD display. Capacities: 12, 30, or 60 lbs. Built-in rechargeable battery. Remote scale input (standard), (1) RS-232 serial port, Full numeric keypad, Three displays for simple operation.
  • intruder-cut-resistant-glove-for-cutting-poultry
    Intruder Cut-Resistant GloveCut-Resistant Glove features Stainless steel core fiber. Withstands high pressure cleaning. Stain and odor resistant. FDA/USDA approved materials
  • revere-jet-weigh-aircraft-scale.jpg
    Jet Weigh Aircraft Scale Jet Weigh features library of 200 aircraft types and characteristics. Simultaneous readings of all weights. Stainless steel hermetically sealed load cells. Portable storage and transportation case. Display prompts operator in weighing sequence. Automatic latitude weight correction. Total weight indication
  • mark10-ergonomics-testing-kit.jpg
    Mark-10 Ergonomics Test Kit Model MKErgonomics Testing Kit has compact design, easy to hold. Simple & accurate job task analysis & ergonomic testing. ADA compliance, workplace design, ergonomic studies. Measure in: kg, lb, N. Flat, curved & square padded attachments mount directly to the force gauge for musculoskeletal strength analysis.
  • mid-america-ts-series-truck-scale
    Mid America TS Series Electronic Low Profile Steel Deck Truck ScaleThe Mid America Scale TS Series truck scale is designed with 10" tall wide flange I-beams running longitudinally. The spacing of the I-beams is directly under the truck tire path to Increase longevity, strength, and durability. The TS series uses heavy-duty diamond checkered steel safety floor plate. Top access cover plates to all load cells, J-boxes, bolts and side bump brackets make for easy installation & maintenance.
  • jack-point-aircraft-weigh-scales.jpg
    Road Runner Jack Point Weighing System ROADRUNNER Aircraft Weighing System Hermetically sealed, compact stainless steel load cells designed around precision strain gage load cells which fit on top of existing aircraft jacks. High strength plastic case for storage, shipping and use. System capacity range covering 15,000 to 400,000 lbs.
  • super-scoops.jpg
    Super ScoopsSuper Scoops are Food Grade Polypropylene, 2 Quart Capacity. Colors Available: White, Grey or Black. Ideal For things like Parts Counting, Lab Balances, Deli Scales, Mechanical Top Loaders, Small or Large Volume Weighing. Optional Anti-Static Material for Holding Sensitive Electronic Components as well.
  • sws-pcs-60-ntep-price-computing-scale
    SWS NTEP Price Computing ScaleSWS series Price Computing Scale is NTEP approved at 3000d Class III. By combining two capacities into one scale, it provides you with a wider weighing range. The 30/60 lb capacities allow you to weigh smaller and larger products on the same scale without losing resolution. Optional label printer and carrying case available.
  • torrey-lpc-40l-ntep-price-computing-scale.jpg
    Torrey LPC-40L Price Computing ScaleTor-rey LPC-40L scale is for smaller markets, delis, grocery stores, butcher shops and bakeries, and is very popular at farmers markets thanks to its portability. Featuring an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery, this scale will meet virtually any weighing need in a variety of settings. NTEP 40 x 0.01 lbs
  • tufner-industrial-bench-scale
    Tufner Series Bench ScalesTufner industrial bench scale features mild steel platform with stainless platter. Adjustable tilt display for convenient viewing. Adjustable feet provides easy leveling. Standard removable column and wall mounting option. NTEP indicator with 6 digit, 1" display (choice of LCD or LED), check-weighing feature for quick portioning, built-in RS-232 communication port.
  • weighsouth-standard-bench-scale.jpg
    Weighsouth Industrial Bench ScalesWeighsouth bench scale includes WS10 Indicator, models from 60 lb to 600 lb to choose from. Each model has a welded steel tubular base for maximum reliability and a stainless platter with sizes ranging from 12" to 26". Painted column, wall mount, and table mount to fit all applications that you might need.
  • weighsouth-industrial-floor-scale-systems.jpg
    Weighsouth Industrial Floor ScalesWeighsouth Floor Scales are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet your requirements and budget. Comes calibrated with WS10 indicator, Battery/AC power, Diamond Tread Plate deck, adjustable feet and more.
  • weighsouth-ws10-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Weighsouth WS10 Digital Weight IndicatorThe Weighsouth WS10 digital weight indicator is a great choice if you're looking for a simple readout with something a little tougher than the typical abs plastic construction found on most low cost scale weight displays. The WS-10 features stainless steel enclosure, backlit LCD, rechargeable battery
  • weightech-microweigh-scale-weight-indicator
    WeighTech MicroWeigh Digital Weight IndicatorThe industry leading electronic scale weight indicator for harsh washdown environments. MicroWeigh, the flagship product of the WeighTech line, was designed to outperform and outlast other indicators. This is accomplished through the use of several key features such as its highly durable IP69K housing.
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