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Hanging Scales

Hanging Scales

Central Carolina Scale carries hanging scales for grocery stores, produce stands, butchers, and delis. These scales typically have one to two dials and because they hang from the ceiling, they can save valuable space.

The Century Series hanging scales from Chatillon are world-renowned for their accuracy, dependability, and reliability. The Century Series features a glass-covered 7-inch dial that reads clockwise. A double dial option is also available, with one dial reading clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. These scales feature a corrosion-resistant band, bezel, and housing and have a rugged steel inner frame. Scale capacities are reached in two pointer revolutions. The Century Series are Class lll "Legal for Trade" scales. Century Series can be supplied with a CG Series scoop or the popular CAS circular pan. The CAS Pan is constructed of stainless steel. The 3-inch deep round pan has drain holes. The CG Scoop is ideal for weighing loose materials and foodstuffs. The scoop and suspension chain are made of galvanized construction. Scale heads, without attachments, are supplied with a 1-1/2 lb start.

Many produce merchants, grocers, and butchers around the world use Detecto's USA-made hanging dial scales for reliable, easy weighing. Applicable to all types of weighing situations, each Detecto hanging scale is an economical choice that will last for years to come. Constructed from the highest-quality materials, Detecto's hanging scales include features like LCD displays or dials, large weighing pans and plates, and a variety of capacities. TV's “How It's Made” has even featured Detecto's MCS series of produce scales. Detecto's grocery store hanging scales are portable and provide guaranteed measurements.

As North Carolina’s premier scale specialists, Carolina Central Scale has the expertise you need when it comes to finding the best hanging scale for your application. Our team is available to answer any questions you might have—just give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our selection.

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  • chatillon-8200-hanging-dial-scale.jpg
    Chatillon 8200 Series Hanging ScalesThe CHATILLON 8200 Series hanging scale are crafted of chrome-plates steel with machines stainless steel pinions and a phosphor bronze rack combination for virtually frictionless performance. The 13-inch double dial reaches full capacity in three revolutions. The 8200 Series may be specified as a Class lll "Legal for Trade" scale.
  • chatillon-century-7-legal-for-trade-hanging-scale.jpg
    Chatillon Century Series Legal For Trade Hanging ScalesThe CHATILLON Century Series hanging scale are world-renowned for their accuracy, dependability and reliability. The Century Series feature a glass-covered 7-inch dial that reads clockwise. A double dial option is available. Class lll "Legal for Trade" scales. Optional CG Series scoop or CAS circular pan.
  • detecto-scs30-solar-hanging-scale
    Detecto SCS30 NTEP Solar Hanging ScaleDETECTO digital solar hanging scale is powered completely by light. The model SCS30 is NTEP approved legal for trade making it ideal for grocery stores, farmers markets, hardware stores, and roadside produce stands where customers pay by weight. 30 x 0.02 lb, 1-inch-high LCD. Stainless steel produce pan, hanging assembly, and two S-hooks are included
  • uwe-hs-series-ntep-hanging-scale
    Intelligent AHS NTEP Series Hanging ScaleLegal for Trade NTEP Approved AHS hanging scale from Intelligent Weighing