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Remote Displays

From a fog concealed truck scale, to the smoke and dust of a foundry or steel mill, our remote displays provide sharp, easy-to-read images of your critical weight process values. Youíll never experience wash-out in direct sunlight or lose visibility with our Laserlight or Laserlight M model. They feature bright, high-intensity display and non-glare lens are immediately visible. The RD-232 and RD-300 remote displays are compatible with a variety of digital weighing indicators and are available with several enclosure options including NEMA 4X FRP or stainless steel.
  • anyload-808-remote-display-for-scales
    Anyload 808 Remote DisplayThe ANYLOAD 808 series are newest generation industrial remote displays designed to be versatile, rugged, durable, and easy to install. They are incorporated with Auto-Learn communication and protocol feature for compatibility with wide range of indicators and weighing instruments.
  • weigh-tronix-xr-series-remote-display.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix XR Series Remote DisplayAvery Weigh-Tronix XR series super-bright LED displays offers a wide choice of options for the remote viewing of any scale indicator. The XR8M (eight characters, 4") and XR12M (twelve characters, 3.5") are perfect for displaying both weight and messages.
  • cardinal-210FE-scale-display.jpg
    Cardinal 210FE Large Digit Scale Readout210-FE 2.24-in high LED digits with brightness control, over-sized keypad, 15-in W x 9.7-in H (38-cm W x 24.6-cm H) stainless steel enclosure, remote control-ability, dual RS232 serial ports, push-button Gross/Tare/Net conversion and flexible print formats. NTEP. Supports up to 8 350-ohm load cells.
  • cardinal-scale-rd2x4-quad-display
    Cardinal Scale RD2X4 Quad DisplayCardinal Scale RD2X4 quad remote display provides readouts for multi-platform truck scales visible up to 150 feet away. The RD2X4ís high-intensity LED display offers bright-red 2.25-inch-high digits that are easily visible even in direct sunlight. Ten brightness level settings let you select the exact intensity for the best visibility in your environment.
  • cardinal-scale-sb600-remote-display
    Cardinal Scale SB600 Remote DisplayCardinal Scale SB600 remote display features a high-visibility, full-color graphics display with double-row LEDs in large 6-inch high characters that is ideal for use with digital weight indicators connected to truck scales, railroad scales, tank/hopper scales, livestock scales, and floor scales where weight needs to be viewed from a distance of up to 250 ft. Replaces SB500
  • rice-lake-laserlight2-remote-display
    Rice Lake Laserlight2 Remote DisplayProminently display weight and numeric data both inside and out with the Rice Lake LaserLight Series of remote displays. A durably constructed design showcases either four-inch or six-inch bright red characters, for visibility in any setting.

Scoreboards Can Show Truck Weight

Our selection of remote displays provide bright, easy-to-read weight readouts from a distance. These scoreboards are available in various sizes and include a variety of features. Some actually include an ambient light sensor and multiple levels of brightness for increased visibility. Use our wireless options to wirelessly send weight data from the digital weight indicator to the remote display without having to trench an asphalt parking lot. Cardinal Scale's SB500 remote display features a traffic direction signal for clarity and safety in addition to built-in rain hoods for protection from the elements. The smaller RD series of remote displays is ideal for agricultural measurements & warehouse weighing environments. Our selection of remote displays will assist you by providing clear readouts, improved traffic coordination & increased and efficient weight results.


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