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When it comes to buying digital scales for wrestling, the price matters but the quality and accuracy matter too. No one wants to spend a few hundred dollars on a certified scale just to have it break within a year or two. Our goal is to provide weighing products that provide accurate weights and last many years in the process. As you browse through our site remember that we offer products from the top suppliers in the weighing industry. We do sell the Befour wrestling scales, which are more of a portable design, and we also have Rice Lake scales, with remote indicator which are some of the best in the industry.

Finally, don't forget we are a scale company. We not only sell scales, but we repair them, calibrate them, and understand them. When it comes to purchasing scales for weighing wrestlers, we sell to a lot of high school athletic departments but we also sell to a large number of college programs as well. Our scales are built tough and many are lightweight and portable. It is our goal to provide you with the best value for the money. Please see our outstanding selection below.

  • befour-ps6600-st-wrestling-scale.jpg
    Befour PS-6600 ST Portable ScaleThe nation’s top-selling sports scale. The Befour "Take-A-Weigh" is renowned in sports that require precise weight measurements on the go. Also great for home use, athletic training, and weight management. This 16" x 18" scale can be taken anywhere and precisely weigh anything from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ± 0.1 lb. $805.00
  • befour-ps5700-small-fitness-scale
    Befour PS-5700 Portable Wrestling ScaleThe most compact, portable, and battery operated scale, the Befour PS-5700 delivers a quick and accurate weight. Extremely durable yet surprisingly lightweight. The 13" x 13" scale platform weighs only 8 lbs. and has an incredible 500 lb. weight capacity with 0.1 lb readability. $799.00
  • rice-lake-160-10-7n-ntep-athletic-scale
    Rice Lake 160-10-7N Digital Athletic ScaleRice Lake 160-10-7N low-profile digital athletic scale offers superior accuracy and built-in durability for repetitive use in settings where a Legal for Trade scale is needed. It is slip-resistant, demands little space with its 14"x14" platform and is exceptionally portable. Optional carrying case available. $725.00
  • detecto-apex-at-ntep-certified-athletic-scale
    Detecto NTEP Certified APEX-AT Athletic ScaleNTEP Certified Detecto APEX-AT Series Athletic Scale. Capacity: 600 lb x 0.1 lb. NTEP certified for official weigh-ins. Spacious 17 in x 17 in weighing platform. Sports-themed keypad. Built in Webb City, MO with domestic and global components. Optional carrying case available $619.00

Certification Questions and Answers For Weighing Systems

Over the years we have literally been told just about everything when it comes to wrestling scale requirements. In the past decade we've had folks tell us the digital scale must be NTEP approved with a Certificate of Conformance (CoC#). We've had people tell us that it doesn't have to have a CoC# or be NTEP certified. We've had people tell us the scale has to be made by a certain manufacturer.

NTEP Certified wrestling scales are sometimes required by certain conferences and organizations. These scales have a NCWM NTEP certificate of conformance numbers (CoC#) and are very high quality and accurate. Whereas our selection of digital scales which are perfect for weighing wrestlers at a tournament or for daily use at the high school or college might not have a CoC #. If purchasing a certified scale for wrestling is important to you, please contact us for additional details. 

So our suggestion to you is: first, contact your league or conference or whomever makes the rules that you need to follow. Find out what the rules are regarding your scale needs. Then contact us and we can let you know what we have that will meet that wrestling scale certification requirement.

Purchasing Recommendations for High School & College Athletic Departments

We offer low profile scales with large lcd display that are perfect for both high school and college wrestlers. And, we also offer accessories like the AC Adapter and carrying case. We offer both NTEP CoC# scales and items that are not approved. We offer portable scales with carry case or bag. And, we offer scales with a good platform size. Just let us know what you need and we can provide you with honest reviews and buying advice and price quotes in a timely manner. Then submit your quote to the athletic director or purchasing department.

These light weight products require precise weight measurements. For an additional charge, we also can provide a certificate of calibration. It's usually a good idea to get your wrestling team scales certified annually. An experienced certified scale technician will check your scale for accuracy using our certified test weights and then provide you with the appropriate documentation.

What Scales do Wrestlers Use?

So you're wondering what scales do wrestlers use? We can tell you. We have sold a lot of these scales over the years and there are a lot of different scale choices out there that colleges, high schools, and individual wrestlers use for keeping track of weight. Obviously a lot of schools use top brands like Tanita or Befour. In fact, you've probably seen those at tournaments or meets before. And, they are nice but they can be too expensive for a good portion of customers. Therefore, many schools also use scales from Rice Lake, Detecto, and CAS just to name a few. These provide good value and accurate weighing. Contact our sales department for buying recommendations.

Most wrestling coaches or athletic directors look for a portable wrestling scale when they are looking to purchase a new scale for their student athletes. Most portable scales are designed with lighter weight components which makes them ideal for taking from the gym to the tournament (however they are sometimes too light for everyday use in a locker room.

Carry Cases are also available (and recommended). Battery power is usually standard and certainly a suggested feature that you will need. Please contact us today for recommendations and reviews to make sure you order the right item for your weighing application. This type of scale can be taken anywhere and precisely weigh anything typically from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ± 0.1 lb. Convenient, repeatable, accurate, and rugged is what a portable scale should be. These are ideal for team sports, home health care, athletic training, and weight management. If you need certified wrestling scales please let us know.