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Reasons to Buy from Central Carolina Scale?

Since 1980, Central Carolina Scale has distributed & serviced weighing & measurement equipment. Our team includes weighing and measurement experts with decades of experience in both selling and servicing weighing scales.

In today's fast paced world, it's easy to buy a scale online. The reason customers choose to buy their scales from Central Carolina Scale, is our product recommendations and competitive prices.

In addition to selling scales and weighing equipment, we also offer services such as checking and adjusting your scales, scale calibration, preventative maintenance, along with equipment repair & scale repair services. We service virtually all makes & models of measurement equipment. Our service department operates to Handbook 44 standards, and we believe in delivering outstanding service in all aspects of our business.

Our employees are truly experienced specialists & highly skilled service technicians with decades of experience. This is one of the key reasons customers choose Central Carolina Scale over the competition. Our sales staff and technicians work to provide you with the best scales and keep those scales weighing accurately for years to come.

We base our sales recommendations on a combination of: your requirements, your budget, & our past experiences. Another key distinction that you'll find with Central Carolina Scale is our manufacturer recommendations. We do not recommend one brand of scale for every single application. For example, we might recommend a Rice Lake truck scale, a B-TEK floor scale, and a Mettler Toledo shipping scale.



5 Great Reasons to Shop at Central Carolina Scale!

#1 — Low Price Commitment
#2— Same Day Shipping
#3— Best Technical Support
#4— Widest Product Selection
#5— Shop the Leader, Shop with Confidence





#1 Low Price Commitment
Central Carolina Scale is committed to low prices and great service after the sale.



#2 Same Day Shipping
Order by 12pm EST Monday thru Friday and in-stock items will ship the same day.




#3 Best Sales/Technical Support
Our expert sales and technical advisors are working hard for you when you need them most. Sales support is available 5 days a week 8 am- 4:30 pm EST Mon.-Fri. at (919) 776-7737. Our technical team can help advise you on the right products for any job.



#4 Widest Product Selection
We carry over 35,000 products, many more than the next competitor. We've got all the pieces and parts that you may need for your particular situation.




#5 Shop the Leader, Shop with Confidence
We are one of the largest scales and weighing equipment retailer/distributors in the southeast. We have a warehouse full of products ready to ship. With a long and profitable track-record, we recently celebrated our 40th anniversary.