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Process Control & Automation

Process control and automation is designed to assist you in sending weight data to where you need it. The Cardinal 201 weight transmitter is a fast, accurate instrument for process control-based static and dynamic weighing applications capable of powering up to eight 350-ohm load cells and comes with a 35-mm DIN rail mounting bracket. A variety of mounting options and ColorZONE control options make it ideal for quick visual verification of weight status. The 201 offers sample rates of up to 200 samples per second and standard communication protocols include serial interface RS232/RS485, mini USB-B, Analog (0-10V or 4-20mA), Ethernet TCP/IP, EIP, and Modbus TCP, making it easy to connect to a PC, PLC, and other smart devices. NTEP, Measurement Canada, CE, and UL.

  • cardinal-201-din-rail-weight-transmitter.jpg
    Cardinal Model 201 Weight Transmitter201 weight transmitter features a DIN rail mounting bracket, PLC connectivity, powers up to 8 350-ohm load cells, NTEP, 6 digit transflective ColorZONE LCD for checkweighing, and communication protocols including serial RS232/RS485, mini USB-B, Analog (0-10V or 4-20mA), Ethernet TCP/IP, EIP & Modbus TCP
  • rice-lake-1280-enterprise-weight-indicator
    Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise Programmable HMI Weight Indicator/ControllerThe Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise is a dynamic instrument for the growth of any company, and is designed to withstand even the harshest environments. Built with industrial-grade components and stainless steel NEMA Type 4X enclosures, the 1280 features IP69K protection for universal and panel mounts. Seamlessly integrate the 1280 with existing equipment.
  • pennsylvania-scale-co-7600e-truck-scale-weight-indicator
    Pennsylvania 7600E Digital Weight IndicatorPennsylvania 7600E digital weight indicators are ideal for Truck Scales or Batching Systems with convenient I/O connections and Menu Driven batching sequences or 300 Truck Tare memories with menu-selected Print Sequences. Great replacement for UMC 600 or IQ700.
  • uwe-sek-checkweigher-light-tower-scale
    UWE SEK Series Checkweighing ScaleUWE SEK Checkweighing Scale is a dedicated checkweigher that allows you to weigh a sample against a predetermined set of parameters. Simply tell the scale what you want to be considered too light, too heavy, or just right. The scale comes with a HI-LO-GO light tower (as pictured) for easy operation. This unit is great for quality control, order fulfillment, manufacturing or production.
  • Flexweigh-920i-DWM-IV.jpg
    Rice Lake 920i Flexweigh Fillers/Batchers101 Basic Filler, 102 Automatic Fill, Automatic Discharge. 103 Loss-In-Weight Filler, 104 Loss-In-Weight, 201 Four Ingredient Dual Speed or Eight Ingredient Single Speed Batcher. 202 Four Ingredient Dual Speed or Eight Ingredient Single Speed With Discharge
  • 920i-Flexweigh-Batching.jpg
    Rice Lake 920i Flexweigh Hand BatchingRice Lake 920i Flexweigh System 211 Manual Batching System prompts the user through manual weight additions based on a pre-entered formula
  • rice-lake-sct10-weight-transmitter.jpg
    Rice Lake SCT-10 Signal Conditioning TransmitterEach Rice Lake SCT-10 signal transmitter is DIN Rail mountable within a cabinet or control panel, where it serves to convert a scale’s load cell signals to analog output, serial output, or a specific network protocol. Unlike many other signal transmitters, Rice Lake’s SCT has its own 0.3 inch weight display.
  • SCT-20.jpg
    Rice Lake SCT-20 Signal Conditioner TransmitterEach Rice Lake SCT-20 is DIN Rail mountable within a cabinet or control panel, where it serves to convert a scale’s load cell signals to analog output, serial output, or a specific network protocol.
  • rice-lake-rl20000-sbeam-loadcell.jpg
    Rice Lake RL20000 Alloy S-Beam Load CellRice Lake Weighing Systems RL20000 S-Beam, Alloy Steel load cell is ideally suited for scale conversions and general-purpose weighing. Compact and rugged design. Capacities from 25 to 20,000 lb (11.3 to 9071.9 kg). Complete with 20'/6.1 m of load cell cable and NTEP approved.
  • doran-2200-stainless-steel-scales.jpg
    Doran 2200 Stainless Steel Bench ScaleSuperior washdown safe protection has been engineered into the Model 2200 Advanced Weight Indicator. From the heavy gauge stainless steel to the innovative gasket design, the 2200 meets the NEMA4X and IP69K classification for washdown protection. Quad-Spring design protects the sensitive load cell
  • 480-Legend-Indicator.jpg
    Rice Lake 480 Legend Digital Weight IndicatorAdvance to Rice Lake's Legend Series—classic Rice Lake quality and design with new ideas for tomorrow. As the flagship of Rice Lake's Legend Series, the 480 digital weight indicator has been perfected to provide the very best in performance and value. 480 Plus features numeric keypad as well.
  • rice-lake-rltm-tank-load-cells
    Rice Lake RLTM Stainless Steel Tank Weigh ModuleThe Rice Lake RLTM weigh module assembly features a stainless steel, welded sealed RL30745 load cell and a fully stainless mount including all associated hardware.
  • rice-lake-itcm-tension-cell-mounts.jpg
    Weigh Modules - ITCM Isolated Tension CellThe ITCM Series utilizes Rice Lake components to provide an unmatched level of performance in tank and hopper weighing applications and mechanical scale conversions. The ITCM incorporates clevis and unique rod-end ball joint assemblies to reduce the overall length to less than half of the traditional tension cell mounts
  • rice-lake-rl9000twm-tank-hopper-weighing.jpg
    Weigh Modules - RL9000TWM Series Tank, Hopper & Vessel Weighing AssemblyRice Lake RL9000TWM Series stainless steel weigh module is ideal for use in tank, hopper, vessel, and many other applications. The low-profile design offers an economical solutions in a competitive market place. The stainless steel construction and welded seal offer additional protection in washdown areas.
  • AnD-GP-Series.jpg
    A&D Weighing GP Industrial BalancesThe A&D GP Series incorporates our enhanced weighing sensor, the Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor® (SHS). This technology brings the most accurate weighing results to high capacity precision balances.

Process Control for Applications Involving Weight

Setting, measuring, monitoring, and adjusting processes for maximum efficiency and productivity requires implementing accurate, dependable process measurement tools. For all of your process control weighing needs, we offer bench scales, platform scales, bulk container scales, digital scale indicators, and productivity focused products known across a variety of industries for their high accuracy and dependability, even in the toughest manufacturing environments.

Whether you need a platform scale to capture weights of large loads, a mobile drum weighing system to manage batch supplies, or a data collection system to help oversee your entire process, our lineup of Pennsylvania Scale Company products offer weighing and productivity solutions for all your process control needs for things like: Solid state relay control, Setpoints, Ethernet, Allen Bradley, EIP, and Modbus, Process monitoring, Batch control, Material weighing, Parts counting, and Quality control.