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Yamato PB-200 Pizza Scale

Yamato PB-200 Pizza Scale

PB-200 is designed for portion control at a pizza parlor. NSF certified with 12 pound capacity. Includes Foot tare switch and Extra-large LCD display for enhanced weight readability. Wall mounting bracket. Rechargeable battery powered AC adapter (included).


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Restaurants that make pizzas understand the cost of all the toppings. Cheese, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, etc... cost a lot of money. If employees are using too much product, it can severely hurt your bottom line.

And, if you have some employees using A LOT of toppings and other employees using hardly any toppings, then you're going to get customer complaints about consistency.

Use a portion scale like the affordable NSF certified Yamato PB-200 to solve this problem.


Yamato PB-200 Portion Control Scale

Foot pedal tare and hands-free tare
Pound, pound-ounce, ounce, gram
9-foot indicator cable
Capacity: 0-13lb x 0.005lb, 0-13lb x 0.1oz, 0-208oz x 0.1oz, 0-6kg x 2g
Platform 12" x 12" Removable stainless steel platform cover
Display 5-digit, 7-segment LCD plus annunciators
Character Size 0.4in x 1in (10mm x 25mm)
Power "AA" size batteries (qty. 4) or AC adapter (included)
Operating Temperatures 32°F ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C)
Functions Basic weighing, gross/net weighing, tare