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15496 hostile environment load cell cable

EL147HE Hostile Environment 6-Wire Load Cell Cable by the Foot + shipping

Hostile Environment Load Cell Cable EL147HEó6-Wire Load Cell Cable. Designed for use in hostile environments, polyurethane jacketing provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance. RFI and EMI protected with foil overbraid shield. Enter the quantity you need. Freight will be added once we process the order.
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Ordering EL147HE load cell cable is easy!

Just enter how many feet of load cell cable you need in the quantity box. Add to cart, enter your information and we'll process your order. The freight charge listed in the cart is an estimate.

After your order ships you will get a final invoice copy that shows the actual freight costs and the total charges.  Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground.

If you're curious about what your actual freight costs will be, just email customer service and they can get you a ballpark freight estimate before you place your order.



Standard Features
EL147HE: 6-Wire Load Cell Cable

• Designed for use in hostile environments
• Polyurethane jacketing provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance
• RFI and EMI protected with foil overbraid shield
• Unmatched durability, yet extremely flexible
• All conductors are industry-standard color coded
• Diameter— EL147HE: 0.32" (8.1 mm)
• The 6-wire cable is best suited for longer runs where remote sense lines can be used
• Temperature rating -30°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F)


15520 ....... 100 ft ...(30.5) .......6-Conductor Hostile Environment Cable
15521 ....... 250 ft ...(76.2) .......6-Conductor Hostile Environment Cable
15522 ....... 500 ft ...(152.4) .....6-Conductor Hostile Environment Cable
15523 ....... 1,000 ft (304.8) .....6-Conductor Hostile Environment Cable
15496 .......Custom Length ....... 6-Conductor Hostile Environment Cable