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NTEP legal for trade certified price computing scale

Price Computing Scales

Price computing scales are always available at Central Carolina Scale. No other supplier stocks as many produce scales as we do. These digital scales are easy to use and can save you tons of time when selling your strawberries or grapes by the pound to your farmers market customers. The basic operation of the scale is very simple. Just place an empty container on the scale platform. Then, press the "tare" button. Now you can add your fresh fruits or vegetables to the container and enter the unit price you want to charge your customer by the pound. The scale will then calculate the total price the customer owes you. The weight display is located on both the front of the scale and the back of the scale so your customer can easily see the weight, price per pound, and the total cost. No more hunting around at farmer's markets for a calculator or using pencil and paper to come up with a total price. These legal for trade scales are available in many different variations. We even have some that print labels with optional printer and some price computing scales that feature dual range capacity options.

If you need scales that display price per ounce we can accommodate that. If you need a price computing scale with printer we can provide some choices for you to consider. In fact some of our basic scales have an optional label printer available. We have a small price computing scale and we have large versions too. Each scale normally comes with user manual and ac adapter. Give us a call and we'll even give you honest reviews to help you make an intelligent buying decision. We look all around the globe for high quality weighing products that our customers will appreciate. Many of our price computing scales are made in China but we do have a few that are made in other countries if you are interested. For example the Tor-rey scales are mostly made in Mexico.

  • rice-lake-rs130-ntep-certified-scale
    Rice Lake RS-130 / RS-160 Battery Operated Price Computing ScaleRice Lake RS-130 / RS-160 retail scale provides NTEP legal price computing functionality. The RS-130 displays weight in either pounds, kilograms or ounces and can save eight direct price lookups and 89 indirect price lookups. Quickly calculate cash back for applications where a cash register is not present. 30 x 0.01 lbs or 60 x 0.02 lbs $406.50$330.00
  • detecto d series commercial retail scale
    Detecto D Series Price Computing ScaleDetecto D series produce scales for the farmers market offer up to 99 easy-to-add PLUs for fast reference (14 direct quick keys and 85 indirect PLUs). The D series displays Weight, Unit Price, and Total Price on the front and rear backlit LCDs (up to six 0.5-in/13-mm high digits) for both the operator and customer to view simultaneously and makes this a top produce scale for sale. $463.00$329.00
  • cas s2000 junior commercial price computing scale
    CAS S2000 JR NTEP Price Computing ScalesCAS S-2000JR is a digital price computing scale for direct sale of commodities in stores such as supermarkets, delicatessens and groceries. The S2000 Jr. is available in several different dual range capacities of 15, 30, or 60 pounds. Also weighs in ounces and can easily add a label printer. The S2K JR is often considered the best produce scale for farmers market usage. $369.00$299.00
  • brecknell-pc3060-ntep-price-computing-scale
    Brecknell PC3060 Price Computing ScaleBrecknell PC3060 Price Computing Scale is NTEP approved at 3000d Class III. By combining two capacities into one scale, it provides you with a wider weighing range. The 15/30 kg and 30/60 lb capacities allow you to weigh smaller and larger products on the same scale without losing resolution. $420.00$289.00
  • torrey-lpc-40l-ntep-price-computing-scale.jpg
    Torrey LPC-40L Produce Scale for Farmers MarketTor-rey LPC-40L scale is for smaller markets, delis, grocery stores, butcher shops and bakeries, and is very popular at farmers markets thanks to its portability. Featuring an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery, this scale will meet virtually any weighing need in a variety of settings. NTEP 40 x 0.01 lbs $302.00$259.00
  • sws-pcs-60-ntep-price-computing-scale
    SWS NTEP Farmers Market ScaleSWS series produce scales for the farmers market are NTEP approved Class III. By combining two capacities into one scale, it provides you with a wider weighing range. The 30/60 lb capacities allow you to weigh smaller and larger fruits and vegetables on the same scale without losing resolution. Optional label printer and carrying case available. $300.00$199.00

Where Legal for Trade NTEP Certified Price Computing Scales are Used

These electronic scales with stainless steel platter are used in a variety of settings from a farmers market to places like produce stands, candy stores, bakeries, coffee shops, delis, and frozen yogurt shops. The unique feature of these scales is their ability to calculate the price per pound quickly and to display both the weight and the dollar amounts on dual displays, so both the store owner and the customer can see the cost of the transaction.

Key Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Computing Scale For Weighing Produce

Virtually all our retail scales with adjustable feet provide a fast and relatively simple weighing process. Some key things to consider are things like battery power. Do you need a battery powered scale for the market? If so, do you want a rechargeable battery that lasts hours on a single charge or would you rather use D Cell batteries? Do you need to connect to a label printer? If so, certain legal for trade commercial scales are better suited for that and you'll need to contact us for recommendations. Do you need to weigh your items in pounds or would you prefer to weigh in a different unit such as ounces? Once again, certain scales offer that functionality and we can help you choose the correct solution.

Your Legal for Trade Price Computing Scales Headquarters for over 40 Years!

Look we've been selling legal for trade price computing scales to customers for multiple decades. Most of the current online sellers that we're competing with weren't even born when we first started selling the old Toledo 8433 digital scale. Remember those classic NTEP approved scales?  They were simple and lasted for decades. They computed price per pound and had a stainless steel platter. There was no optional printer. There were no capacity options or a tower display. Just simple accurate weighing every time with an operator display and customer displays. The point is, you can trust us to recommend a quality price computing scale powered by a built in rechargeable battery for you to bring to the farmers market.

Of course these NTEP legal for trade produce scales are not just for farmers markets or produce stands. You also see them at small grocery stores and convenience stores. Even hardware stores sometimes have a computing scale for selling items by the pound. But you do tend to see a NTEP approved commercial scale at the produce markets. These scales with easy to read LCD display tend to have long battery life which is usually an entire day at the market.