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UWE UFM-F120 NTEP Bench Scale 16.5

UWE UFM-F120 NTEP Bench Scale 16.5" x 20.5" 250 LB

$895.00 Reg. Price $918.00   You Save $23.00
NTEP bench scale, Large 2 Inch Backlit Display, Rechargeable Battery. Large 16.5" x 20.5" weighing platform. Capacity: 250 lb. Free Shipping (continental US)

The NTEP approved legal for trade bench scales are made in Democratic Taiwan and are widely considered one of the better values in the weighing industry. The scales are NTEP approved and have earned a Certificate of Conformance from NCWM. The scales feature an easy to read display, both AC and battery power, large 16.5" x 20.5" weighing platform and are a great blend of economical and rugged. And, as always you can rely on Central Carolina Scale to provide this scale for you with easy ordering and friendly customer service.



• NTEP Approved 6000 Divisions
• 250 lb Capacity
• Large 2 Inch Backlit Display
• Rechargeable Battery
• 3 Inch Wheel Kit Available
• Configurable RS232 Interface


large weight display on a ntep scale

Features & Benefits
• Large 2 inch LCD display with wide viewing angle - easy to see weight values from a distance, reduces mistakes
• Built-in rechargeable battery and external power adapter - portability, battery lasts a minimum of 120 hours (without backlight)
• Heavy duty rugged construction - will withstand harsh industrial operation
• Accumulation function - allows you to add together consecutive weights to arrive at a total
• Gravitational correction software - enables you to input different G acceleration factors


Model ...................... Capacity x Readability .......................... Platform Size
UFM-F120 ............ 250 lb / 120 kg x 0.05 lb / 0.02 kg ............ 16.5 x 20.5 Inches