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Cardinal HSDC Digital Hanging Scales

Cardinal HSDC Digital Hanging Scales

Cardinal HSDC Digital heavy duty crane scales feature NTEP legal-for-trade certification, 1-inch LCD, push button tare, auto shutoff, and controls for Power On, Zero, Gross, Tare, Net, and Off. Available in capacities of 20, 40, 100, 200, and 500 lb (not legal-for-trade), or 20, 40, and 100 kg.


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This hanging digital scale is NTEP legal-for-trade certified and full of features including: a 1-inch/25 mm high LCD display, push button tare, a sleep mode and an auto-shutoff mode to prolong battery life. An aluminum alloy enclosure makes it lightweight and easy to use, yet tough enough for conditions required of any portable hanging scale. Whether an industrial application, a curbside collection site for a recycling operation, or a supermarket, the HSDC series hanging scale available from Central Carolina Scale is the true example of accurate and dependable portable weighing. Available in capacities of 20, 40, 100, 200, and 500 lb (not legal-for-trade), or 20, 40, and 100 kg.


HSDC Features
1-in-high LCD
6 C Batteries
Keypad Tare
NTEP Legal for Trade (most models)
Sleep Mode and Auto Shut-off


Display: 1 in high LCD
Power: 6 “C” size alkaline
Scale Weight: 5 lb (10 lb with optional pan)
Operating Temperature: +14° to 104°F (-10° to +40°C)
Zero: Established during setup and maintained automatically to ± 1/4 graduation
Auto Zero Range: 5 and 0 through 9 graduations
Calibration Method: Digital, keypad entered; calibration stored in nonvolatile memory
Tare: Push button, full scale
Annunciators: Center of zero, motion, net, low battery, over capacity
Controls: On/zero, gross, tare, net, off
Sample Rate: 1 - 12 samples per second, selectable
Optional Stainless Steel Produce Pan: 12.5 in dia x 5 in deep; 8 qt (500 cubic in) volumetric capacity (available for 20 lb capacity scales only)
NTEP Approval: 03-030


Model ................... Description ..................
HSDC-20 ......... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 20 Lb Capacity
HSDC-40 ......... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 40 Lb Capacity
HSDC-100 ....... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 100 Lb Capacity
HSDC-200 ....... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 200 Lb Capacity
HSDC-500 ....... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 500 Lb Capacity (non ntep)

HSDC-20KG ..... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 20 Kg Capacity
HSDC-40KG ..... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 40 Kg Capacity
HSDC-100KG ... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 100 Kg Capacity
HSDC-200KG ... Hanging Scale, Electronic, 200 Kg Capacity (non ntep)













HSDC Parts
CMBC-200 LOADCELL (100-200)
8551-B204-08 SEALING BAR
8551-B212-08 BATTERY COVER
8551-B215-08 LOADING HOOK
8551-B213-08 EYE BOLT
8551-B211-08 ADAPTOR PIN
6610-2033 BATTERY SNAP
8551-C251-08 KEYPAD
8551-D272-0A MAIN PCB
6645-1020 DISPLAY LCD