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Discontinued - GSE 675 Industrial Counting Scale

Discontinued - GSE 675 Industrial Counting Scale

The GSE Scale Systems Model 675 fits well into demanding mid-level counting applications or sophisticated, factory-wide inventory management systems. Advanced counting scale functionality and accuracy.


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The Model 675 GSE Counting Scale was created to satisfy the requirement for a heavy-duty portable precision counting scale. The sturdy aluminum die cast housing features built-in carrying handles and a power cord wrap. ACCURATE small parts counting is assured with advanced digital Finite Impulse Response filtering (FIR), high resolution electronics and a center indentation that places parts in center of the loading surface to prevent rolling parts. RELIABLE is the best word to describe the exceptional physical features. GSE 675 counting scale instruction guide.


GSE 675 Counting Scale Features

• Heavy duty aluminum die cast housing with built in carrying handles
• High impact lens deflects dropped parts
• One million cycle polymeric keypad
• Sur-Grip gear style leveling feet
• 2 year limited mfg warranty


GSE 675 parts counting scale

GSE 675 Counting Scale Data Sheet (pdf file)


Keypad layout simplifies basic counting operation
• Quick and simple alpha-numeric data entry
•Convenient On / Off switch is located on the keypad
• A large back-lit 16 line x 40 character LCD Display
• Powder Coated Aluminum Die Cast Enclosure w/ built in carrying handles
• Industry standard counting routines minimize training
• Two (2) Scale operation standard, One (1) Local Platform and one (1) Remote Platform Input
• APW Lookup Routine will store and recall approx 200 Part Numbers with Average Piece Weight (APW)
• Onboard non-volatile 8KB Database Memory
• Two (2) Full Duplex RS232 Communication Ports
• Utilizes 60 Series Option Modules



Part Number
Platform Size
6 x .0002 lb
8" x 10"
Local Weighing Surface with 2nd Scale Input Std.
15 x .0005 lb
12" x 12"
Local Weighing Surface with 2nd Scale Input Std.
30 x .001 lb
12 " x 12"
Local Weighing Surface with 2nd Scale Input Std.
60 x .002 lb
12" x 12"
Local Weighing Surface with 2nd Scale Input Std.
100 x .005 lb

12" x 12"
Local Weighing Surface with 2nd Scale Input Std.

man carrying blue GSE Counting Scale
GSE Counting Scales are easy to transport with the built in handles on the side and power cord wrap


Save time and save your items and average piece weights in the scale. Out of the box with the APW program loaded , and the following information stored: 6 character Part #, 10 character description, 10 character lot #, 4 character bin # -- APW will store a little over 200 items with the built in memory. If you add the optional 2MB database board, this could store over 9000+ parts with these characteristics. Depending on how much room each of the listed fields takes up, it could store up to this many or more. You can probably get more if you aren’t using the LOT and Bin or if your description (location) is shorter than 10 characters.

Part numbers can be stored in a database and can be recalled later with necessary data
such as the average piece weight and description.

1. Key in the new part number and press the F3 (Rec/New) key. The other data
fields will be cleared.
2. Follow the directions for sample and count in the manual.
3. If you want to add a part description key in the description and press F4
(Desc.). Skip this step if the description is not necessary.
4. Press F2 to store the part number, APW, and description.

A part number that was stored previously can be recalled to count parts without having to
sample the part.

1. Key in the part number to recall and press F3 (Rec/New).
2. Place pieces on the platform to count.