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Ishida IGX Bench Scale

Ishida IGX Bench Scale

The Ishida IGX Series Bench Scales has capacities as high as 300 lbs. Convenience of the high-visibility pivoting display and added checkweigh function. Choose the IGX for the bright VFD display


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Ishida’s IGX & IGB Series Bench Scales are as adaptable as they come, with a heavy duty design that accommodates capacities as high as 300lbs. Appreciate the convenience of the high-visibility pivoting display and added checkweigh function. Choose the IGX for the bright VFD display, or IGB for the crisp LCD design and battery operation. Perfect for areas with a wide variety of weighing needs.

When you work overtime your equipment should too. The Ishida IGX model is equipped with an extra large, ultra bright 5-digit VFD display that is easy to read in low light conditions. This model runs on standard 115VAC power with the included AC adapter.

These bench scales available from Central Carolina Scale provide an audible signal and visual warning that alert operators when weight tolerances aren’t within range. This "on the spot" checkweighing will prevent costly errors and waste. At under 38 pounds, the Ishida scales are truly portable NTEP Approved weighing solutions. And with platters that are built with durable stainless steel, they’re easy to clean between applications.




Ability to toggle between lb and kg
Stainless steel cover with die cast base
Checkweighing function
Configurable display resolution: 1/3000, 1/6000, 1/7500
(NOTE: Legal-for-trade setting is 1/3000)
10 PLU’s for storing tare, upper limit, lower limit

Display, VFD
Power, 120 VAC
Internal buzzer



Ishida IGX bench scales

:• VFD Display, Power 120 VAC






84989 .... IGX 150 lb/60 kg ..............VFD ...........15.75" x 21.65" x 5.43"

84990 .... IGX 300 lb/150 kg .............VFD ..........15.75" x 21.65" x 5.43"



75473   AC adapter (IGB only) Consult
86545   Additional operating manual (IGX/IGB) Consult








IGB Series -- No Longer Available

:• Display, LCD• Power, (2) D-size batteries* or optional AC adapter• Selectable automatic power-off function *Batteries not included

Since AC power can be tough to come by in remote work locations, the Ishida IGB model operates with an optional AC power adapter or batteries. It’s designed to provide 500 hours of continuous use on two “D” batteries, so you can be assured the scale isn’t going to quit in the middle of a job. Its 5-digit LCD display clearly denotes weight and other information that is easy for operators to read.


84991 .... IGB 150 lb/60 kg .............. LCD ..........15.75" x 21.65" x 5.43"

84992 .... IGB 300 lb/150 kg ..............LCD ..........15.75" x 21.65" x 5.43"