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Pennsylvania 7500 Counting Scale

Pennsylvania 7500 Counting Scale

Utilizing PLUS+ series Main Board technology, the Pennsylvania 7500 counting scale features simple 4 button operation. User-friendly and highly productive, provide long accurate service. 4-Year Limited Warranty. 1:16 million internal counts, 10,0000 displayed weight graduations, rugged cast construction


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Counting Scales save you time and virtually guarantee accurate inventory counts. They can virtually eliminate human error and can make your life much easier. Of course, we know that you have choices when it comes to counting scales. But, if you're looking for a long term solution that you can rely on for years, then you really need to consider the easy to use Pennsylvania 7500 counting scale. If there ever was such a thing as an industrial counting scale, then this has to be the choice.

The Pennsylvania 7500 only has four buttons. Often, this can be a positive since some customers say that a full keypad can be distracting and create more confusion for their employees.

So, with only four buttons the instructions for performing counts is pretty simple. We mentioned that the scale is built tough but did you know that even the packaging from the factory is impressive... a form fitting custom foam insert that protects the scale during transit to you. Central Carolina Scale is an authorized Pennsylvania Scale Distributor and we not only sell the products but we also calibrate and repair the scales.




The Pennsylvania 7500 Counting Scale features simple 4 Button Operation. All Pennsylvania Scale counting scales feature heavy duty cast construction, premium load cells, and bright LED displays. Impressive performance and value in an easy to use configuration. Fast one button counting. Utilizing our PLUS+ series Main Board technology, our products are designed to be user-friendly and highly productive, provide long accurate service.

Pennsylvania Counting and Weighing scales and indicators are intentionally clean by design. These 7000 Series products feature 1:16 million internal counts, with 10,000 displayed weight graduations. Programmable data outputs, One button operation plus enhanced features for better accuracy, Sample Update™ sample enhancement feature, and are built with rugged cast construction. The 7500 Counting Scale is made in USA, ship NAFTA Free Trade to Mexico and Canada. Available as Bench Counting Scales or as Digital Indicators. Large platforms: 12 x 14" SS for capacities 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 lbs, while 8 x 8" for highly sensitive 2 and 5 lbs capacity models. The 4 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranties - the best in the business.


Watch the video below to see just how simple it is to use the 7500 counting scale!

7500 counting scale is ideal for:
Shipping or receiving verification
Inventory or production control
Bench or portable weighing
Shipping manifest or SPC/SQC
Quality Control



Pennsylvania 7500 Counting Scale
Capacity x Readability
Platform Size
2 x 0.0002 lb (907.2 x 0.1 g)
8" x 8"
5 x 0.0005 lb (2268 x 0.2 g)
10 x 0.001 lb (4536 x 0.5g)
20 x 0.002 lb (9.072 x 0.001 kg)
50 x 0.005 lb (22.68 x 0.005 kg)
100 x 0.01 lb (45.36 x 0.005 kg)
12" x 14"
150 x 0.02 lb (68.04 x 0.01 kg)
200 x 0.02 lb (90.72 x 0.01 kg)