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Discontinued - Brecknell Vet Deck Animal Scale

Discontinued - Brecknell Vet Deck Animal Scale

The Salter Brecknell Vet Deck is accurate and reliable for weighing small to medium sized animals. Pre-calibrated with a Brecknell digital indicator with bright LED or LCD display. Platform: 20" x 50" x 1.75" and Capacity 1000 lbs


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Construction: Carbon steel with non-skid surface protects animals and handlers from accident slips and falls. Adjustable foot pads allow scale to work effectively on uneven floors.

Overload Capacity: Capable of withstanding 1,500 pounds of weight without damaging the scale

Easy Assembly: No installation costs. No moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment.

Junction Box: Allows easy connection to SBI-521 LCD/LED indicators

Weight Sensor: The Vet Deck uses load cell technology with proven performance in the animal industry for more than 30 years Simple to set-up and easy-to-use design

Equipped with IP65 rated waterproof stainless steel enclosed indicator and stainless steel mounting bracket

Easy-to-read LCD/LED display Programmable hold, print, accumulation and check weighing functions

Geography auto-compensation for local gravity effects to avoid initial calibration with test weights, Advanced weigh fine-tune feature to make simple calibration convenient

Adjustable filter settings to reduce environmental vibration noise for rapid setting and quick measurements

Versatile-The Vet-Deck accomplishes a multitude of livestock weighing jobs on the farm. It fits easily into alleyways for weighing market hogs, nursery pigs, or other livestock. Its low profile makes it easy to weigh feed carts and bulk containers. The non-skid surface protects you and your livestock from accidental slips and falls. The adjustable footpads allow it to work effectively on uneven floors.

Capacity: 1000 x .2 lbs
Overall height: 1.75"
Accuracy: 0.5%
Deck dimensions: 20" x 50" x 1.75"
Weight: 55 lbs
Adjustable footpads

Portable-The Vet-Deck is easy to move, weighing only 55 pounds. You can set it in place without ramps or recessed floors because it's only 1.75 inches high.

Economical-The Vet-Deck has no installation costs. And its Weigh Bar® system means it has no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustments.

Accurate-The Vet-Deck gives you constant accuracy, within 0.5% and it's compatible to a number of indicators for fast digital readout.

Dependable-The Vet-Deck is built to withstand rigorous daily use. Your investment is backed by a one-year warranty.


Part Number - Description
52770-0157 - Deck Only
816965005710 - Deck & SBI-521 LED Indicator
816965005734 - Deck & SBI-521 LCD Indicator