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A&D FS-i Over/Under Check Weighing Scales

A&D FS-i Over/Under Check Weighing Scales

A&D FS-i Series of Checkweighing Scales feature large, bright comparator lights, stainless steel construction, and three user-selectable resolution levels. FS-i Checkweighers satisfy both NSF and HACCP requirements. These durable scales are ideal for food processing and over / accept / under check weighing applications. NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada approved models available.


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The A&D FS-i series scale provides for easy check weighing of products. There are two comparison modes according to number of parameters to set, “Target weight setting mode” and ”Upper & lower limits weight setting mode”. The comparator results are indicated by HI (yellow), OK (green) or LO (red) lights on the display. The results are also audible by the buzzer inside the scale.


A&D FS-i Check Weighing Scale

  • IP65 rated dust and waterproof protection
  • 100 item data memory
  • AC operation or optional rechargeable battery
  • Higher resolution non-NTEP units available
  • 2 Year Warranty


FS-i Over/Under Scale Key Features

• Large, Bright Comparator Lights — Red (LO), Green (OK), and Yellow (HI) lights are easy to read under any lighting condition.

• Three Resolution Levels — Up to 1/17,500 resolution allows for high precision weighing with tight tolerance specifications.

• 60-Segment Adjustable Analog Sweep Display — HI/LO Limit, Target, and Full Range modes are ideal for filling applications.

• 100-Item Data Memory — Target and Limit values for frequently weighed items can easily be stored and recalled.



Model ...... Capacity ...... Readability ...................  Pan Size
FS-6Ki     15 lbs / 6 kg   x  0.001 lb / 0.5 g     9.8 x 9.8" / 25 cm x 25 cm

FS-15Ki   30 lbs / 15 kg  x  0.002 lb / 1 g       9.8 x 9.8" / 25 cm x 25 cm

FS-30Ki   70 lbs / 30 kg  x  0.005 lb / 2 g     15.0 x11.8" / 38 cm x 30 cm



FS-03i   RS-232C and comparator relay output
HC-06i   Rechargeable Battery Pack
FS-04i   RS-422 / 485 and comparator relay output
FS-01i   Wall Mount Bracket
FS-C     21.5" Extension Column (for FS-30Ki)