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Adam CDT Counting Scale with Remote Platform

Adam CDT Counting Scale with Remote Platform

A single bundled solution at an unbeatable value for large counting applications. Parts counting with freely selectable sample sizes. Weigh larger quantities on the included remote scale. Factory calibrated and easy to use. Parts counting optimization automatically refines piece weight as parts are added. Programmable for counting to a preset number of parts.


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The Adam CDT counting scale bundle available from Central Carolina Scale features a high quality Adam Equipment CDT parts counting scale connected and calibrated to an Adam Equipment scale platform. One of the challenges that companies have always battled is trying to find a one scale solution for counting all the different parts under one roof. Many businesses have everything from light weight plastic washers or resistors to heavy bolts in their inventory.

So when you try to count all these out with a single scale, often you either have a scale with a large capacity and it takes hand counting a large sample on the scale just so the scale can register the weight and come up with a relatively accurate sample. Or, you have a super lightweight capacity scale that is great for small items but you can only place a couple of bolts on it before it displays overload.

This is where the Adam Equipment CDT counting scale bundle can work for you.

You can see the part numbers below which displays all the different versions that are available. It can be a little confusing so let's take a look at one just for example to see what all those numbers mean.

Let's use model number CBD 8a-130a (GB Platform) as an example. 

So what do all the numbers mean? CBD 8a is the counting scale. It has an 8 lb capacity with readability of 0.0002 lb. The platform size of the CBD 8a is 8.9" x 10.8". The Remote Platform is the Adam GB Series which has a 130 lb capacity. Readability for the remote platform is 0.005 lb. The platform size for the GB is 11.8" x 15.7".

With a bundle like this, you could get super accurate samples using the CBD 8a parts counting scale and then just press the Local/Remote button on the scale keypad and you can count larger quantities of that same item right there on the Adam GB platform which is connected to your counting scale. 


• Weighing
• Dual Counting facility
• Weight accumulation
• Parts counting
• Check counting
• Count accumulation


• Backlit LCD shows weight, unit weight and count in one convenient location
• Programmable backlight can be set to “always on,” “always off” or “light only when weighing”
• Color-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons
• Product Look Up (PLU) memory locations for storing a range of items for recall as needed
• Parts counting with freely selectable sample sizes
• Parts counting optimization automatically refines piece weight as parts are added
• Programmable for counting to a preset number of parts
• Preset tare function speeds the process of repetitive weighing
• RS-232 interface for connection to computers and printers
• Supports connection to platforms with up to four load cells
• Large, grade 304 stainless steel pan allows swift cleaning
• Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components
• Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere
• Programmable auto power-off to save energy
• Security password control prevents unauthorized access


Model ..................................... Capacity .......................... Readability ......................... Pan Size ....... 
CBD 8a-70a (GB Platform)         8lb-70Lb / 4kg-32kg             0.0002lb-0.002lb / 0.1g-1g       8.9"x10.8" / 11.8”x15.7”   
CBD 8a-130a (GB Platform)       8lb-130Lb / 4kg-60kg           0.0002lb-0.005lb / 0.1g-2g        8.9"x10.8" / 11.8”x15.7”   
CBD 8a-330a (GF Platform)        8lb-330Lb / 4kg-150kg         0.0002lb-0.02lb / 0.1g-10g        8.9"x10.8" / 15.7”x19.7”   
CBD 35a-130a (GB Platform)     35lb-130Lb / 16kg-60kg        0.001lb-0.005lb / 0.5g-2g          8.9"x10.8" / 11.8”x15.7”   
CBD 35a-330a (GF Platform)      35lb-330Lb / 16kg-150kg      0.001lb-0.02lb / 0.5g-10g          8.9“x10.8“ / 11.8”x15.7”
CBD 35a-1320a (GF Platform)    35lb-1320Lb / 16kg-600kg    0.001lb-0.1lb / 0.5g-50g            8.9“x10.8“ / 23.6”x31.5”  
CBD 70a-330a (GF Platform)     70lb-330Lb / 32kg-150kg      0.002lb-0.02lb / 1g-10g              8.9“x10.8“ / 11.8”x15.7”   
CBD 70a-660a (GF Platform)     70lb-660Lb / 32kg-300kg      0.002lb-0.05lb / 1g-20g              8.9“x10.8“ / 11.8”x15.7”   
CBD 70a-1320a (GF Platform)   70lb-1320Lb / 32kg-600kg     0.002lb-0.1lb / 1g-50g               8.9“x10.8“ / 23.6”x31.5”  


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