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Adam Equipment CKT Check Weigher

Adam Equipment CKT Check Weigher

Adam Equipment CKT is unmatched in value for industrial weighing. Ideal for many applications, the CKT quickly accomplishes basic weighing, parts counting, and check weighing, which helps users meet company and regulatory guidelines. Repetitive weighing tasks are fast, with a backlit display that changes colors to show if a sample is under, over, or within the preset limits.


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Adam Equipment CKT Check Weigher Scale Features and Benefits

Color-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons
Large, grade 304 stainless steel pan allows swift cleaning
RS-232 interface is available to provide speedy connection to computers and printers
Optional USB interface simplifies data communication
Sealed keypad protects against dirt and spills
Solid ABS housing is durable for industrial use
Adjustable leveling feet help optimize setup
Drip channels help divert spills away from the scales internal components
Check Weighing with audible alarm
External calibration allows for verification and adjustment with weights
Internal counting resolution 1:600,000 for precise results
Parts counting optimization automatically refines piece weight as parts are added
Parts counting with freely selectable sample sizes
Preset tare function speeds the process of repetitive weighing
Backlit display changes color for quick notification of check weighing limits
Programmable auto power-off to save energy
Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere


Model ........ Capacity x Readability .........................  Pan Size
CKT 4          8lb / 4kg    x 0.0002lb / 0.1g     8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 8        16lb / 8kg    x  0.0005lb / 0.2g    8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 16      35lb / 16kg  x 0.001lb / 0.5g       8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 32      70lb / 32kg  x 0.002lb / 1g          8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 48    100lb / 48kg  x 0.005lb / 2g          8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm

CKT 8H          16lb / 8kg     x 0.0002lb / 0.1g    8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 8UH        16lb / 8000g x 0.0001lb / 0.05g  8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 16UH      35lb / 16kg   x 0.0002lb / 0.1g    8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 32UH      70lb / 32kg   x 0.0005lb / 0.2g    8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm
CKT 48UH    100lb / 48kg   x 0.001lb / 0.5g      8.3"x11.8" / 210x300mm