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Cardinal RuggedWeigh Floor Scale Package

Cardinal RuggedWeigh Floor Scale Package

Ruggedweigh industrial floor scale has unique channel structure design that protects components, stainless steel load cells and junction box, low-profile platform, checkered steel deck, flexible footing for uneven floors, choice of 180 or 204 indicator. NTEP legal-for-trade. 5000 lb capacity.


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Cardinal Scale Manufacturing proudly offers the Rugged Weigh floor scale system which has a unique channel structure which provides strength and sturdy, enclosed protection for the stainless steel load cells, junction box, and wiring. This low-profile design available from Central Carolina Scale has flexible four-way approach, checkered steel deck, and special flexible footing that compensates for uneven floors. These scales are economically priced, extremely durable, high-performance pieces of equipment. NTEP legal-for-trade certified. Choice of 180 or 204 indicator. Factory calibrated 5,000 x 1 lb.

We hear from customers all the time about how they would love to purchase a high quality floor scale. Well, this is a great choice if you're looking for a true high quality floor scale. Contact our sales team (919) 776-7737 or complete our RFQ form to receive a price quote today.

The standard digital weight indicators that are available are high quality readouts. The 180 is a basic readout that is a great choice if you're simply looking for weight indications via a bright red LED and only need 110VAC power. The 204 is a nice choice if you're needing a LCD readout and both standard power and battery power. We should also mention that if you need a different Cardinal indicator such as the 190 or the 210 indicator, we can add a new indicator to the system. Just mention that when you request a quote.

 cardinal 180 readout cardinal 204 weight readout


cardinal scale ruggedweigh 4x4 floor scale

Digital Speed and Accuracy
Mild or Stainless Steel Platforms Available 
NTEP Legal for Trade
Rugged Checkered Steel Deck
Self-Aligning Scale Footings
Stainless Steel Load Cells


Model ............... Description
FH-544F-180 ...... Rugged Weigh Floor Scale, 4' x 4', 5000 lb Capacity, 180 Indicator
FH-544F-204 ...... Rugged Weigh Floor Scale, 4' x 4', 5000 lb Capacity, 204 Indicator