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Discontinued - Avery Weigh-Tronix 3600SC High Resolution Digital Scale

Discontinued - Avery Weigh-Tronix 3600SC High Resolution Digital Scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix 3600SC is a self-contained high resolution digital bench scale for industrial weighing. It is highly accurate and can discern a difference in weight down to 0.5g. It is available in a selection of sizes and capacities, from 10 lbs to 250 lbs. Choice of AC or battery power


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Easy to operate Bench Scale
This industrial scale features a simple user interface, to minimize errors and increase throughput. The scale is also very flexible, offering a choice of AC or battery power and a range of capacities.

Highly robust and accurate
The design of the 3600SC bench scale makes it tough enough for industrial environments. The Quartzell™ weight sensor is intrinsically strong and highly accurate and the robust die cast housing adds strength and longevity to the scale. The backlit, LCD display is easy to read and ideal for use in low light conditions.

Easy integration with other hardware and back-office applications
The 3600SC bench scale has a stainless steel weight platter and is also available with a stainless steel ball top shroud for integration into conveyors. It can also link to printers and data collection systems via a serial RS232 output.

Legal for trade
The 3600SC bench scale can also be used for legal for trade applications around the world, making it ideal for situations where product is sold by weight.

The high resolution Quartzell™ digital transducers employed by the 3600 Series Bench Scales yield pure digital output with a standard resolution of 10,000d. 10 to 250 lb capacity bench scales with high resolution Quartzell weight sensor for a standard resolution 10,000d. The scale has a stainless steel shroud, simple controls and clear, LCD display. Options include ball top shroud and battery

weigh-tronix 3600 QDT bench scales

Feature and Benefits
Quartzell transducers – High resolution, digital output from a rugged load cell structure.
RS-232 standard output – Links to printers, manifest systems, computers, process control
Stainless steel shroud – Resists damage; maintains its good looks for years.
DuraBridge™ construction – On heavy capacity 18 x 18-inch decks. Deck deflection is less than 1/2- inch. Minimizes off -center loading error.
Selectable scale configuration – Choose scale resolution, display update rate and filtering level from the front panel.

Model 3632B – Die cast aluminum with stainless steel shroud
Model 3634B – Mild steel with stainless steel shroud
Front-mounted seven-digit liquid crystal display.
0.5-inch digits with blue electro-luminescent back light
Display dimensions – 9.5" wide, 3.25" high
(24 cm x 8.25 cm)
Units of measure – lb, kg, g selectable from scale display
UNITS (lb/kg/g)
Power – 120 VAC +/-10%, 60 Hz 0.1 amp maximum
Power cord – 6 ft (1.83 meters)
Environment – -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
NTEP Class III at 10,000 d
(250 lb capacity not NTEP approved)


3600 Series QDT Bench Scales are constructed of either a die cast aluminum body and stainless steel shroud (3632B models) or a mild steel body and stainless steel shroud (3634B models.) They include a front-mounted, seven digit, liquid crystal display with blue electro-luminescent back light an RS-232 interface. Six-foot power cord included.

Part No.



Std Resolution
(10,000 div)

Expanded Resolution
(100,000 div)




10 lb /
5 kg

0.001 lb /
0.0005 kg

0.0001 lb /
0.00005 kg




50 lb /
25 kg

0.005 lb /
0.002 kg

0.0005 lb /
0.0002 kg

10,000 div



100 lb /
50 kg

0.01 lb /
0.005 kg

0.001 lb /
0.0005 kg

10,000 div



250 lb /
150 kg

0.02 lb /
0.01 kg

0.002 lb /
0.001 kg


Note: The 10 lb version has an 8" dia. round stainless steel platter
Note: Eight choices of expanded resolution between 10,000d and 100,000d


7200-15397 ..... Draft shield (distributor installed) Recommended for displayed resolutions above 10,000 divisions
49600-0019 ..... Wall mount bracket and 6' of interface cable
53868-0018 ..... 10' RS232 interface cable (DB9 male to DB9 female)
7200-15145 ..... Ball-top shroud (field retrofit kit) for 3632B models (N/A on 10 lb capacity)
1148-16416 ..... 230 V,14 VDC / 730mA desktop power supply
50236-0019 ..... Battery kit (distributor installed) (for 3632- 10, 50, & 100 lb capacity)
51927-0011 ..... Carrying case (model 3632 only)