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B-Tek HRCS High Resolution Counting Scale

The B-TEK High Resolution Counting Scale (HRCS) combines exceptional accuracy, reliability and robustness in a single design. The HRCS can be set up as a high-resolution counting scale, high-resolution checkweighing scale or a high-resolution standalone super accurate bench scale.


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The B-TEK High Resolution Counting Scale (HRCS) is a dedicated high resolution counting scale that offers unmatched repeatability and accuracy. The HRCS, available from Central Carolina Scale, uses state-of-the-art digital technology to create a 1 billion internal count high-resolution scale that will accurately weigh parts from 10 mg and up. This scale offers laboratory precision for the industrial environment. The HRCS can be set up as a high-resolution counting scale, high-resolution checkweighing scale or a high-resolution standalone bench scale. The extremely durable base and the internal design offers an overload protection of 1100% with piece of mind knowing the scale is operating as intended. The HRCS is a versatile scale and can be set up to accommodate a wide range of industries and environments.

HRCS Counting Application
The HRCS high resolution counting scale from B-TEK features the ability to count the smallest parts with nearly almost 100% sampling accuracy. The counting functions of the HRCS include the dribble or bulk functions, allowing a dribble style count or bulk box count. The HRCS scale also offers a 40 PLU piece weight and part number data storage along with connectivity of a wide range of devices. These devices include printers, a second scale base, scanner, and/or computer.

HRCS Checkweighing Application
The HRCS high resolution checkweighing application offers checkweighing with much tighter tolerances and the ability to ensure products are within the specifications set, with minimal limitations. The simple functions and options allow operators to perform their job confidently with such tools as the 40 PLU database, optional external stack lights and alarm.

HRCS General Weighing
The HRCS general weighing function provides the accuracy needed to get the job done. The design of the counting scale offers industrial durability with 1100% overload protection. The high-resolution mode enables operators, at the press of a key, to quickly view improved resolution reading by a factor of 10.



• Non-NTEP
• Standard capacities: 2, 10, 70 and 175 lb
*1, 5, 20, 50 and 100 lb capacities available through custom setup. Requires part number 825-300199 to configure and calibrate.
• 1 billion internal count resolution using the high accuracy of the transducer
• Aluminum die-cast clamshell base with 1100% overload and shock protection
• Available applications:
• Counting application with 40 PLU piece weight data storage (keypad required)
• Checkweighing
• High Resolution Balance for general weighing
• (3) Stainless steel weighing platter with adjustable Feet
• Backlit display with seven 0.5 inch segments
• Units: lb, kg, g, oz, and custom
• Ports: Comes standard with (2) Serial ports, (1) Ethernet, (3) Inputs and (3) Outputs


825-300002     6” diameter         2 lb x 0.00002 lb /1000 g x 0.01 g
825-300004     6” diameter       10 lb x 0.0001 lb /  5000 g x 0.05 g

825-300007     9” x 12”            70 lb x 0.001 lb  /  35 kg x 0.0005 kg

825-300010     12” x 14”          70 lb x 0.001 lb  /  35 kg x 0.0005 kg
825-300012     12” x 14”        175 lb x 0.002 lb  /  80 kg x 0.001 kg




• Ball top for 12” x 14” (305 x 350mm) base
• Draft shield (up to 10 lb / 5 kg only)
• Clamp down plate
• Printers
• Numeric keypad
• Scanners
• Remote analog card
• Wireless card
• Stack light
• Indicator wall or desk brackets
• Underhook