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B-Tek ScaleSoft.NET Industry Software

B-Tek ScaleSoft.NET Industry Software

ScaleSoft.NET is fully customizable truck management system software. Some of the focal points include: Truck In/Out, Rail, Management, and Reporting. This wasn’t built by an outside software company. The software was built through years of technical expertise & customer feedback in the industrial weighing industry. The feedback & knowledge that went into ScaleSoft.NET has produced one of the most robust software.


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ScaleSoft.NET Truck Management System Software has been designed to be fast, flexible and easy to use. ScaleSoft.NET allows for simple fill in the blank setup and configuration within a familiar Windows based application environment. Reports of all transaction types can be created, customized, and printed from the program using the embedded report designer.

Accounting information can be transferred directly into QuickBooks and other major accounting packages through a built-in export utility. ScaleSoft.NET can also interface with popular peripherals such as: signature tablets, RFID, intercom, video cameras, and more!

ScaleSoft.Net Truck Management System Software offers unmatched collection, reporting, customization, and integration of external systems to create the perfect truck or rail scale management solution at an affordable price. We have digital scales for sale but we also provide custom integration solutions from B-Tek as well. Rest assured the B-Tek team of Engineers is ready to work with you to deliver a solution that fits your business process.


Truck In/Out
ScaleSoft.NET was designed from the ground up to be flexible and robust for any type of truck in/out operation.

The unique customizable nature of ScaleSoft.NET allows the software to be utilized in many rail yards.

Get a 360° view of your business with customizable reports, data analysis with pivot tables, counting scale tickets, and export capabilities into popular accounting packages.

Add the ASP.NET module and share data and entry capabilities with your entire company.

Coal & Mining
Track product and hauling information while preventing overloaded trucks from leaving the mine.

ScaleSoft.NET is perfect for pit & quarry operations providing inventory, flexible hauling & product rates, fuel & misc charges, and customer specific pricing.

Waste and Recycling
Drivers, haulers, containers, and environmental regulations – oh my! Let ScaleSoft.NET manage the complexity of your operation.

ScaleSoft.Net has built-in reserve fields that can be used to customize the software to fit your specific process. No two applications are ever the same. By taking advantage of the reserve fields, you can capture data specific to your operation even with our standard package. Additionally, if you need more reporting insight, ScaleSoft.NET includes a report writer that allows you to create your own reports.


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