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B-TEK SuperSack Bag Filling Scale

B-TEK SuperSack Bag Filling Scale

B-TEK recognizes that the need for machines to fill bags increases every year which is why they designed a bag filling machine that is not only simple to assemble and disassemble but converts standard floor scales into a bulk bagging machine. This new product gives companies that produce products in bags a durable, simplistic, and economical option to traditional bagging systems.


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Setting up the SuperSack frame is simple! With easy assembly and disassembly for relocation, you can be sure that your product will be ready to go in no time. The factory uses thick steel with stainless configuration or abrasion-resistant paint for robust construction, so you can trust that your product will last. And with precise filling, you can be sure that your bags will be accurately distributed and filled to the exact weight. The B-Tek SuperSack bag fill machine with scale could work quite well in various industries such as the AGGREGATES AND MINING fields, FOOD AND BEVERAGE industries, CHEMICAL AND SPECIALTY GASES, and MATERIAL HANDLING. 



You can Purchase the following configurations...
Frame Only
Frame and Base "Includes Frame and Clydesdale 5'x5' 10k Base. "Fit Assured"
Frame, Base, & Controller "Includes Frame, Clydesdale Base, and T403S Batch Controller (Recommended)


Frame Certificate of Conformance: NON-NTEP
Floor Scale Certificate of Conformance: 94-092A4
Frame Type: Portable Bulk Bag Filler Available in Carbon & Stainless
Overall Height: 7'
Compatible Floor Scale Size: 5' x 5' "See Frame Fit Spec Page for Details"
Acceptable Bag Size: 35" x 35" to 48" x 48"
Acceptable Pallet Size: Up to 48" x 60"
Fill Tube Size: 10" Standard, Height Adjustable from 30"-64", Custom Sizes Available
Finish: Alkyd Enamel or Stainless Steel
Assembly: Easy Slide Together Frame with Quick Release Pins
Frame with Base Includes both the Frame and 10k 5x5 Clydesdale Scale
Base Frame Complete Includes the Frame, 10k 5x5 Clydesdale scale Base and T403S Batch Controller/Indicator 
ITEM # ....................... DESCRIPTION
911-1135-BF                            Frame Only
911-1135-BF-FS                      Frame with Base
911-1135-BF-COMPLETE        Frame with Base and T403S Controller
911-3135-BF-SS                        SS Frame Only
911-3135-BF-FS-SS                  SS Frame with SS Base
911-3135-BF-SS-COMPLETE    SS Frame with SS Base and T403S Controller
FAQ's about the SuperSack Bag Filling Frame
Does this Frame come with a Gate valve?  No, the bagging frame comes with a 10" diameter fill tube. This tube is used to connect your existing gate valve on the upper end and the fill bag on the lower end.
Does the Frame have Vibration?  No, the frame is static and does not have mechanical vibration.
Is the Fill Tube adjustable?  Yes, the fill tube is adjustable 30"-64"
How difficult is Assembly / Disassembly?  Assembly and disassembly are very simple, the components slide into one another, and quick-release pins hold everything together making assembly and disassembly a simple process.
How many feeds does the T403S batch controller have?  The batch controller has two feeds fast and slow.
What voltage are the gate valve relays?  The gate valve relays are 120V.
Does the Batch Controller have an E-Stop?  Yes, the batch controller has a push button E-Stop.
Will this Frame fit my existing scale?  The manufacturer has a fit assurance spec sheet for reference. If your existing scale falls within the measurements on this sheet, then it should work with your scale. However, there are a lot of floor scales on the market today that are made overseas & often measured using the metric system. That's one of the reasons we recommend purchasing the complete system including scale base and T403S controller if you can.
How fast will bags fill?  The frame does not play a role in how fast bags are filled. This is based on the feed from your delivery system and how fast the product is delivered to the fill tube.
Is there any programming required?  The only programming required is setting the setpoint targets for the fast and slow feed which is covered in the downloadable manual on the BTEK site.
Can I use a batch controller other than the T403S?  Yes, any controller can be used with this frame. The controller mounting bracket that is included with the frame is a universal bracket and will work with most industry standard indicators.