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Cardinal GTSC Hydraulic Load Cell Retrofit Kit

Cardinal GTSC Hydraulic Load Cell Retrofit Kit

The GTSC retrofit kits are NTEP approved hydraulic load cell kits that allow authorized Cardinal dealers to convert emery hydraulic load cells to Guardian hydraulic load cells.


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GTSC hydraulic load cell retrofit kits allow various Cardinal Scale and competitors’ truck scales to be upgraded to utilize Cardinal Scale hydraulic load cells.

Cardinal Scale’s hydraulic load cells provide the highest level of protection against the most adverse conditions that hamper or destroy load cell functionality. Conditions such as moisture, water, lightning, power surges, corrosion, shock loading, temperature fluctuations, and damage from rodents are guarded against due to Cardinal Scale Mfg superior design and performance inherent in hydraulic type load cells.

The GTSC truck scale retrofit kits, available from Central Carolina Scale, are NTEP-approved, legal-for-trade for system capacities ranging from 60 tons to 120 tons. Each kit contains SST model hydraulic load cells, a GHT model hydraulic totalizer, replacement copper tubing, base plates, leveling bolts, anchor bolts, load buttons, load plates, and the accessory kit.


GTSC Retrofit Hydraulic Load Cell Kit Features

  • Immune to Electrical Surges and Lightning Damage
  • Load Cells are Impervious to Water and Moisture Damage
  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Transient Voltage and R.F.I. Resistant
  • Features Protection Against Rodent Damage
  • Hydraulic Compression Load Cells Provide the Most Protection on the Market
  • Hydraulic Load Cells Feature a Lifetime Warranty
  • Guardian Load Cells are Severe-Duty Rated for Protection
  • Hydraulic Retrofit Load Cell Kits Retain Long Working Life—Minimizing Repairs and Maintenance



Capacity (Model GTSC-4-75): 60 tons
Capacity (Model GTSC-6-75): 80 tons
Capactiy (Model GTSC-8-75): 100 tons
Capacity (Model GTSC-10-75): 100 tons
Capacity (Model GTSC-12-75): 120 tons
Load Cell Type: Hydraulic compression load cell
Load Cell Material: Stainless Steel
Load Cell Protection Class: IP68
Load Cell Accuracy Class: IIIL 10000
SST NTEP Approval: 05-076
Load Cell Design: Low-profile
Load Cell Warranty: Lifetime
Kit Components: SST Hydraulic Load Cells, GHT Hydraulic Totalizer, Copper Tubing, Base Plates, Leveling Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Load Buttons, Load Plates, Accessory Kit
Optional Guardian Restraint System Kit (Model GRSKIT): Includes 2 Lateral Stabilizer Rod Assemblies and Mounting Brackets, 2 Longitudinal Stabilizer Rod Assemblies and Anchor Plates.


Model             Description
GTSC-4-75      Hydraulic Conversion Kit, 4 SST75 Load Cells, Totalizer

GTSC-6-75      Hydraulic Conversion Kit, 6 SST75 Load Cells, Totalizer

GTSC-8-75      Hydraulic Conversion Kit, 8 SST75 Load Cells, Totalizer

GTSC-10-75    Hydraulic Conversion Kit, 10 SST75 Load Cells, Totalizer

GTSC-12-75    Hydraulic Conversion Kit, 12 SST75 Load Cells, Totalizer