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CCS NTEP Floor Scale System 4x4 5000 x 1 LB

CCS NTEP Floor Scale System 4x4 5000 x 1 LB

$995.00 Reg. Price $1,300.00   You Save $305.00
NTEP legal for trade floor scale system includes a painted steel general purpose 4x4 weighing platform with alloy tool steel potted load cells inside. Factory calibrated with LCD weight indicator and interface cable. 110VAC Power. 5000 x 1 lb. NTEP legal for trade. Free Shipping.


Our line of light industrial platform scales are rugged, painted steel floor scales, ideal for general purpose weighing applications. With a platform height of only around three and a half inches, these floor scales allow easy access to and maneuvering of all types of load handling at an affordable price. 

The CCS line of low profile NTEP legal for trade floor scales are affordable and were designed to give accurate and repeatable results with every weighing. The scales are available in the popular 4x4 size. Heavy Duty ball-capture feet are included and allow for setup on uneven surfaces. The scale indicator features a painted steel enclosure and is connected to the platform with a 18 foot long cable. Platform is typically painted blue but the color can vary depending on stock.

The  Floor Scale weight indicators are powered by 110VAC power.  The LCD display is versatile and easy to read.  The Indicator can be Wall-Mounted or set on the Desk-Top with the included bracket. 



This scale ships on a pallet. Standard Freight costs are included in the price. These costs are based on the scale shipping to a commercial business in the continental United States, that is zoned commercial and has a loading dock and/or forklift.  Any additional charges such as liftgate, residential, military, etc... are not included and will be billed separately to you.


Factory Calibrated - Indicator and floor scale calibrated at the factory prior to shipment.
Easy Installation - Units can be placed into service with no on-site installation required.
Capacity & Size - Available in popular combinations.

lcd scale weight indicator
ntep commerical floor scale

adjustable load cell foot



MODEL # ................... CAPACITY ......... POWER ........ PLATFORM ....... SHIP WT
CCS-NTEP-4X4-5K         5000 x 1 lb            110VAC                 4x4                  250 lb






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CCS-NTEP-5X5-10K      10,000 x 2 lb            110VAC           5x5