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CCS Racing Scales

CCS Racing Scales

Industrial choice for weighing race cars, trucks, or vehicles. Each 2'x2' platform has its own digital readout. Operates on 110VAC power, with optional battery power available. Each platform available in 5000 lb capacity.


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If you need to weigh a vehicle then please take a look at this affordable industrial platform scale system. The CCS system includes four scale platforms.

The 2'x2' platforms are built industrial tough and feature a diamond tread plate top deck. Each platform has its own digital weight indicator connected via a 15 foot long cable. These scales are independent (they do not interconnect).

The system is powered by standard 110VAC power with optional rechargeable battery power available. The platforms are available with 5000 lb capacity.  Other capacities are sometimes available, depending on stock, but the standard is 5000 lb. Each platform weighs around 85 pounds a piece, so these are fairly easy to move around, especially for two people.

heavy duty race car scale set



PART NUMBER ............ PLATFORMS ............. CAPACITY
CCS-RACE 5000-4                  4                     5K x 1 lb  (Total: 20,000 lb)




LED / LCD display
Rechargeable Battery
Stainless Steel Indicator