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Rice Lake D300 Wireless Wheelchair Scale

Rice Lake D300 Wireless Wheelchair Scale

The lightweight yet durable Rice Lake D300 Series wireless wheelchair scale consists of four pads to weigh wheelchair-bound patients in environments where portability is key. The wheelchair is simply rolled onto the four pads, which communicate wirelessly to the handheld controller. Measurements from each pad are automatically combined and the total weight is displayed.


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Rice Lake D300 Wireless Wheelchair Scale 

  • Four lightweight, wireless scale pads
  • Powder-coated molded plastic and cast aluminum construction
  • Four wheel-stops and roll-up ramps
  • Handheld controller
  • Rubber controller glove and lanyard
  • Optional carrying case


Capacity: D300-8:  800 lb x 0.5 lb (363 kg x 0.2 kg)

Wheel pads: Eight EL-123 batteries per scale system (two per pad) (included)
Controller: Three AAA lithium batteries (included)




157141  Scale, Wireless Wheelchair Model D300-8 800lb x 0.5lb (363kg x 0.2kg) Includes: 4 scale pads with batteries, 1 handheld controller, 4 wheel stops, 4 ramps, 1 lanyard and 1 rubber glove for controller





107445  Carrying Case, Scale 1