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Doran 1200 MSP Series Bench Scales

Doran 1200 MSP Series Bench Scales

Doran 1200 MSP Series is a general purpose bench scale at a great price point. Itís the ultimate combination of quality, performance and rugged durability. Provides years of trouble free weighing performance. Smart choice for a range of weighing tasks, including inventory control, shipping & receiving, portable weighing, and quality control.


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The Doran 1200 MSP bench scale is the affordable weighing solution that you would expect from Doran Scales. The weight indicator includes simple and intuitive operation with controls for Total, Count, Units, Gross/Net, Tare, Zero (On/Off) and Print. The scale platform includes a premium load cell and a welded square tube base frame which results in excellent weighing performance throughout the entire capacity range. Adjustable feet allow for stability on uneven or wet surfaces.

The goal was to create the ultimate general-purpose bench scale for commercial and industrial applications. Doran incorporated industrial design features developed for their most advanced weighing systems. With the responsive indicator and a rugged scale base, the 1200 MSP sets the standard for durability — providing years of trouble-free weighing performance. The 1200 MSP is battery powered and can run 100 hours on a full charge — ideal for any location or for projects that require a mobile bench scale.


Doran 1200 MSP Bench Scale Overview

The 1200 MSP is best-in-class is packed with innovative features to support operators in achieving weighing accuracy, consistency, and speed

Internal rechargeable battery — for 100 hours of continuous use when fully charged

A six-digit backlit LED display provides excellent readability in a wide variety of lighting conditions and angles up to 25 feet away

Five overload stops provide overload 300% protection

NTEP Class III Certified and IPX5 Protection

Built-in RS-232 port for data communications

Easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain

U.S. Legal for Trade - NTEP
Indicator: CoC# 19-013 (10,000d)
Base - CoC# 18-057 (5,000d)


doran 1200 MSP affordable industrial bench scale



1200-MSP0050       50 x 0.01                  25 x 5                       11.8" x 15.7"
1200-MSP0100     100 x 0.02                  45 x 10                     11.8" x 15.7"
1200-MSP1100     100 x 0.02                  45 x 10                     15.7" x 19.7"
1200-MSP1250     250 x 0.05                113 x 20                     15.7" x 19.7"
1200-MSP2250     250 x 0.05                113 x 20                     19.7" x 23.6"
1200-MSP2500     500 x 0.1                  260 x 50                     19.7" x 23.6"