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Inline In-Motion Checkweigher from Doran Scales

Doran Selecta Series In-Motion Checkweigher

Outpacing the competition, the Doran Selecta can operate at speeds of up to 240 pieces per minute. Thatís almost twice as fast as most other in-motion checkweighers. With the many choices of belt sizes, lengths, working heights and options, a Selecta check weigher can be configured to meet your specific needs for inline conveyors.


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Gain Complete Control of Your Plant’s Production
Gain valuable insight on your plant’s production process by using the Selecta in-motion checkweigher. Why rely on often inaccurate manual samples when you can achieve accurate 100% production inspection. Use the real-time reports to control production errors such as overfilling, product shortage, or defective items.

The Selecta provides management with an immediate understanding of production line efficiency and profitability. Achieve the highest production efficiency possible by using the available input/output features. The Selecta can be configured to control fillers, automatically fine-tuning product flow based on feedback from Selecta’s weighing platform. Configuring the weighing parameters, tolerances, and line speed for your manufacturing needs is easy with the large 10.4" color touch screen interface. Colors highlight key quality control indicators which include average amount, underweight amounts, and standard deviations and many more.

This dynamic weighing system can be also be configured with the included Selecta Synapse software. This software builds on Doran’s experience designing software for data collection, quality control, and formula creation in industrial and food manufacturing environments. Using Selecta Synapse, management can retrieve data in easy to read reports to use for quality control, employee accountability, and product verification. All the production data and PLU parameters are stored in a database for archiving and quick, accurate retrieval.

doran scales in motion check weigher

Fast, Accurate and Affordable Checkweighing
Outpacing the competition, the Selecta can operate at speeds of up to 240 pieces per minute. That’s almost twice as fast as most other in-motion checkweighers. For a fast-paced production environment, you can depend on the accuracy of the Selecta. Built to meet the very stringent European accuracy guidelines, the Selecta does not compromise precision to achieve unparalleled speed. At prices that are sure to fit even the tightest budget, this in-motion checkweigher outdistances the competition. High throughput speed, precise weighing, and affordably priced, the Selecta checkweigher is an unbeatable value.

Superior Design - Precision Engineering
From the rugged stainless steel housing of the touch screen display to the sturdy stainless steel open frame, the Selecta has been carefully engineered to meet the needs of busy production facilities. Selecta’s computer operating system was chosen for its record of dependability and uptime. It’s the same operating system that NASA relies on to guide resupply shuttles from Earth to the International Space Station and to guide robotic vehicles on Mars.

The food-grade conveyor belts are powered by brushless motors - reducing maintenance costs and production downtime. The FDA CFR 21 compliant conveyor belts are easily removed for cleaning or maintenance. The open, stainless steel frame has a wash down protection rating of IP-54 to allow for thorough cleaning without the fear of damaging sensitive electronics or mechanical components. The Selecta was designed to achieve four common goals - minimize costly downtime, maximize productivity, achieve rapid ROI and provide advanced reporting on collected production data.

A Perfect Fit for Any Application
With the many choices of belt sizes, lengths, working heights and options, a Selecta check weigher can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Fast and Easy Belt Removable
Leave the tools in the toolbox, you won’t need them to remove the belt for cleaning or replacement. Three steps and the belt simply slides off.



Maximum Capacities:
1.2kg (2.6lb) (1200 Series)
3kg (6.6lb) (3000 Series)

Max. Throughput Speed: 240PPM

0.2g (1200 Series)
0.5g (3000 Series)

Dimensions: Varies

Working Height: 160-1750mm (63-69in)

Display: 10.4" LCD Touch screen in a stainless steel housing - 6 password protected user levels

Controls: Emergency Stop, Start

Units: kg

Output: Ethernet

Construction: Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Power: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Product Memory: Unlimited

Conveyor Belt Material: Food-grade: Belt complies to regulation 21CFR of the FDA

Conveyor Motors: Brushless DC Motors

Conveyor Roller Dia.: 1 Inch

Signaling Device: Two Color Light Tower

Approvals: OIML, CE


Air Jet Rejecter
Pusher Rejecter
Flipper Rejecter
Locking Reject Bin
External Printer
WiFi Connectivity
USB Connectivity
Feedback to External Devices
220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Infeed Guides
Draft Shields
Increased Frame Height


Synapse Data Collection Software for Selecta In-Motion Checkweigher

Production issues are identified quickly, resulting in lower costs and reduced downtime.

Accessible With Any Web Browser
Viewing the production data in the Selecta can be done with a browser and a device connected to the same network as the Selecta. Across the plant floor, or across the country, your critical QC data is at your fingertips.

View real-time plant floor data from the Selecta In-Motion Checkweigher in an easy to read dashboard
Data rich, information poor is a phrase used to describe the situation many manufacturers find themselves in with the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) on the plant floor. Connected devices are streaming endless amounts of data, but the challenge is making sense of it so actions can be taken and the production process can be controlled. Doran Scales puts you in the driver’s seat with the Synapse software that is included with the Selecta In-Motion Checkweigher. Some other scale manufacturer’s offer this type of solution at a premium cost, and many don’t provide any software component at all.

In the Synapse dashboard you’ll be able to see the efficiency of the production batch, standard deviation, the number of rejected items, a list of time stamped weight readings, frequency distribution, and many other critical quality control data. All the information is displayed in easy to read lists or color-coded bar graphs.

The Synapse Software System
Synapse consists of two software elements, a server side component and the client component. The client component is any of the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera.

The basic system is included with the Selecta In-Motion Checkweigher. The optional SQL version provides additional features and benefits such as faster data updates, detailed statistics of every weighment, and archiving individual weighments. The SQL version license is a one-time fee - not an annual fee.

How it Works
After the software is installed, Synapse is configured to communicate with the Selecta in-motion weighing system. Synapse will show confirmation that the software can begin collecting data from the Selecta in-motion weighing system.

At the conclusion of a production batch, the user can generate reports showing either all QC product data or only QC data of accepted product. Data shown in these reports can be printed or saved in nine different formats including .XLS, .PDF, or .CSV.