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EL144 Communications Cable

EL144 Communications Cable

EL144 Two-conductor with bare ground, RFI/EMI protected with foil shield, 20 gauge conductors. Perfect for RS-232, two-wire RS-485 and 20 mA current loop communications. Diameter: 0.19 in(4.8 mm)


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EL144 communications cable is perfect for RS-232, 2-wire RS-485, and 20 mA current loop communications.


32803    Cable, Communication Cable EL144 2 Wire Shielded Custom Cut Length. 2 Conductor Cable.
72691    Cable, Communication 100ft 2 Wire Shielded, EL144
72072    Cable, Communication 500ft 2 Wire Shielded, EL144
72693    Cable, Communication 1000ft, 2 Wire Shielded, EL144