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Mettler Toledo XS Analytical Balance

Mettler Toledo XS Analytical Balance

The Mettler Toledo XS Analytical Balance features tenth of a milligram readability. The XS analytical line, with its innovative accessories, sets new standards for fast and efficient weighing processes. The touchscreen is bright and clear to read. The special draft shield can be operated with either left or right hand reducing awkward dosing processes.


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Mettler Toledo XS Analytical Balance

- Mettler Toledo FACT internal adjustment with advanced features
- Large Clear Touchscreen display with configurable adjustments
- SmartGrid weighing pan
- Dismantlable weighing chamber for easy cleaning



XSE105DU   41g/120g 0.01mg/0.1mg   30087716 
XSE205DU   41g/120g 0.01mg/0.1mg   30087732 
XSE104   120g 0.1mg                          30087708 
XSE204   120g 0.1mg                          30087724 
XS105   120g 0.01mg                          30132870 

XS105DU   41g/120g 0.01mg/0.1mg     11106009 
XS205DU   81g/220g 0.01mg/0.1mg     11106000 
XS225DU   121g/220g 0.01mg/0.1mg   30132858 
XS64   61g 0.1mg                                11106015 
XS104   120g 0.1mg                            11106012 
XS204   220g 0.1mg                            11106003 

XS204DR   81g/220g 0.1mg/1mg         11106006 
XS304   320g 0.1mg                            30132948 

XSR303S   310g 1mg                          30315757 
XSR303SN   310g 1mg                        30316500 
XSR603S   610g 1mg                          30316497 
XSR603SN   610g 1mg                        30316544 
XSR1203S   1210g 1mg                       30316567 

XSR1202S   1210g 0.01g                        30317127 
XSR2002S   2100g 0.01g                        30317407 
XSR4002S   4100g 0.01g                        30317443 
XSR6002S   6100g 0.01g                        30317453 
XSR6002SDR  1200g/6100g 0.01g/0.1g   30317462 

XSR10002S   10.1kg 10mg                    30317437 

XSR4001S   4100g 0.1g                        30317501 
XSR6001S   6100g 0.1g                        30317496 
XSR8001S   8100g 0.1g                        30317515 
XSR10001L   10.1kg 0.1g                     30317536
XSR16001L   16100g 0.1g                    30317549 
XSR32001L   32100g 0.1g                    30316297 

XSR16000L   16100g 1g                     30316481
XSR32000L   32100g 1g                    30316489 

DualRange (DU) - This model includes DualRange®, ten times the readability that is available within the lower capacity.
DeltaRange (DR) - This model includes DeltaRange®, ten times the readability anywhere within the weighing range, just by taring



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