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Rice Lake Myrias Integrated Software Solution

Rice Lake Myrias Integrated Software Solution

Myrias is an enterprise software, helping businesses improve operations and drive growth across numerous industry sectors. Myrias captures, monitors and reports weight data—empowering companies to make enhanced decisions by incorporating scale data.


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Myrias Integrated Software Solution

  • Modular process management creates the best system for each facility
  • Full material traceability
  • Extensive real-time reports
  • Monitor cost, product quality and regulatory compliance
  • Works with many types of hardware and peripheral equipment including legacy hardware
  • Integrate with third-party systems 
  • SQL database or proprietary file-based database



Powerful Integrated Software Solutions

Myrias® is an enterprise software designed to help businesses across industry sectors improve operations, manage resources and drive growth. Myrias captures, monitors and reports weight data—allowing companies to leverage scale data insights so they can make more informed and strategic decisions

Myrias software can help reduce costs, maintain product quality, provide material traceability and ensure regulatory compliance. Utilize Myrias to easily start and stop jobs, instantly access live reports and review KPI data. Reports can be generated in real-time locally or remotely for data access from multiple locations.

Because Myrias is a modular software platform, every facility can customize their software system to meet their unique processes. Facility managers can utilize modules include batching formulation, checkweighing, offline sampling and more to create the ideal system for their operations.

Hardware Requirements

Myrias software can be used with many different hardware devices and integrated with existing legacy systems that meet minimum requirements. It’s also available in multiple languages and can be installed on a standalone Windows PC or run from a central server with network-connected workstations.

Data Traceability

Choose from a SQL database or Myrias’ proprietary file-based database, or utilize both to store and process information. Easily integrate Myrias with third-party ERP and MRP systems. File-import capability from third-party systems simplifies data integration from existing software systems to Myrias.


Batch Recipe Formulation
Accurate ingredient weighing in batches, blends and
mixes. Offers benefits of consistent quality, reduced
waste, better cost control and full traceability of weighing
and measuring ingredients for set recipes.

• Displays recipe method, HACCP messages and manufacturing information
• Automatic calculation of ingredient weights for non-standard batch sizes

Dynamic Checkweighing
Records all packs from checkweigher and offers
real-time charting. Immediate warning of low weights
and expensive giveaway. Comprehensive records help
analyze pack weights and diagnose filling faults.

• Allows product database to be centrally managed at one PC and send settings to each checkweigher
• Automatically changes products on checkweigher from central job control
• Calculates fill adjustments to maintain control target (can be displayed to operator or connected to suitable equipment for automatic feedback control)
• Advanced statistical and AI control options available for complex products
• Option to record integrated metal detector actions

Forklift & Transportation
Streamline material handling operations by integrating forklift scales to move and weigh pallets in one step. Straightforward prompts guide operators through each pallet transaction.

• Operator and product traceability
• Forklift performance statistics
• Real-time data sent to FTP
• Reports available in CSV or TXT files for data transfer

Offline Sampling
Offers close control of pack fills to meet legal requirements and limit profit loss. Powerful diagnostics help characterize filling performance and minimize fill variability issues. Provides legally accepted records as proof of due diligence.

• Operator warning displayed for individual and collective pack fill infringements, with calculated fill adjustments to maintain control target
• Includes library of statistical control strategies
• Records secure records for average weight, minimum weight and other legislations, as well as for SPC and quality control
• Density conversion for liquid fills
• Quarantine module available to record handling of defects

Pallet Weighing
Shipping and warehouse inventory systems greatly benefit from pallet weighing. Integrate data in real-time
for live views of product quantities and shipping status.

• Accurate weighing and recording of pallets
• Integrates floor and fork scales into a single database
• Data analysis identifies shortages, overfills and process yields
• Labels pallets by makeup, customer, storage and other customer criteria.

Static Checkweighing
Adds efficiency to manufacturing, sorting and food processing applications. Each pack is continuously
monitored and checked to be within a preset range
or target.

• Control filling with checkweighing lights to notify operators of weight status
• Optimize limits to control weight and operator speed
• Control multiple scales from central database
• Support normal and takeaway fill control
• Automatically record each weight by operator, product and other key data
• Works with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and serial interfaces

Optimize profits by identifying, measuring and reducing waste throughout your operation. Reductions in waste go
straight to bottom-line profits.

• Monitors waste by type, product and department
• Records waste transactions for regulations
• Full traceability of all transactions
• Multiple sites can be networked back to regional and head offices for orders, accounts and reporting.
• Operator prompts guide the user quickly and smoothly though each transaction

Traceability (add-on module)
Minimizes business risk in the event of a quality failure by allowing quick response to identify affected items. Helps
locate process issues related to customer complaints.

• Provides full traceability from intake to dispatch through all stages of production, supply and distribution
• Links traceability data through comprehensive, easy-to-use reports
• Every transaction includes time, date, lot numbers and operator identity for full accountability
• Instant forward and backward traceability of all materials and batches