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NCI 7829 High Capacity Parcel Shipping Scale

The NCI 7829 shipping scales are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, to suit virtually every large parcel and container. Capacity 250 lb. Platform: 20" x 20"


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These have been discontinued. Contact us about the ZP200 Series Shipping Scales


The NCI 7829 shipping scales are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, to suit virtually every large parcel and container. Cap: 250 lb and platform is 20" x 20"

NCI 7829 Shipping Scale

NCI 7829 shipping scale

The NCI Model 7829 Bench Scale provides the most accurate and reliable weight measurement for static or inline shipping. The weighing solution for any application requiring a durable bench scale. NCI says the 7829 would be the direct replacement for the old NCI 3835, it has the same capacity and resolution size. The communication is the same, same length of serial sring output. The only difference is the 3835 factory default for baud rate was 1200, the 7800 series baud rate is 9600. All baud rates are programmable in the software and the end user should not have any problems changing out.

Features & Benefits

Fast Digital Response Speeds weight processing time.

Simple to Use Reduces operator training time.

DuraBridge® Technology Reduces overall scale deflection to less than 1/2 when a full load is applied.

I/O Port Allows for connection to a computer. RS-232, bidirectional, configurable 1200 19,200 baud. Transmits weight and scale status whenever "W" command is sent by remote device. High resolution "H" command accesses 10 times displayed resolution.

Construction Stainless steel weigh platter. Painted mild steel base enclosure.


ZERO With Auto Zero tracking for zeroing the scale.

TEST Runs a diagnostic program to assure scale is fully functional.

Power Recessed power supply with standard wall plug.

Large 20 x 20 Weigh Platter Easily accommodates oversize parcels.

RS-232 Cable Allows you to connect to a PC.


Capacity and Resolution:
250 lb x .05 lb or 100 kg x .02 kg
Weight classifier or scale configurations available in setup.

Dimensions: 20 L x 20 W x 5.3 H (50.8 cm x 50.8 cm x 13.46 cm)

Shipping Weight:
54 lb / 24 kg (standard configuration)
73 lb / 32 kg (with ball-top)

Agency Approvals:
NIST Handbook 44 Class III
commercial applications; NTEP #95-121
Canadian MOI approval # AM-5099

Operating Environment: 42°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C), Class III Device 10% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Power: 120 VAC (+10% -15%), 60 Hz, standard 3-wire ground.

Input/Output: RS-232, bidirectional, configurable 1200-19.2K baud. Transmits weight and scale status whenever ASCII W <CR> is sent by a remote device.


Part Number Description
Ship Wt.
9503-16278* 7829 250 lb
70 lb (32 kg)
9503-16279 7829 250 lb w/Ball Top
77 lb (35 kg)

10' RS-232 Interface Cable (9 Pin to 9 Pin)included with each scale.



Ball-top Weigh Platter Simplifies transport of all parcels. Ideal for conveyor lines. One piece lift-off design equipped with 25 balls.

Remote Display 1/2 H, six-digit LCD display housed in a molded enclosure with a 7 ft. cable.

International Power Supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz power supply. End of cable terminated with a universal conductor.

9570-13662 Ball Top Shroud (25 balls)
7300-16577-01 Remote Display, 6 Digit; 7' Cable
7300-16864-01 Remote Post Display, 6 Digit; 12" Post and 7' Cable
9570-13474 MR4KB Scale-to-Keyboard Wedge Decoder
7200-14837 12" Pole for Remote Display
1148-15833 Power Supply (230 VAC) European
SET** Factory Default Setting Modification


*Custom or non-stock item. Please allow 5-day lead time.
Orders for 5 or more, call for delivery schedule.