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Pennsylvania M64+ Airline Baggage Scale

Pennsylvania M64+ Airline Baggage Scale

Look around the airport terminals throughout the US and you will often find the rugged and simple to use American Made Pennsylvania Scale Company M64+ airline baggage scales. Ideal choice for the demanding environment of weighing suitcases and cargo that goes on an airplane. NTEP approved. Sizes: 18x24, 24x24 Capacity: 250, 500, or 1000 lb.


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PENNSYLVANIA SCALE Airline Baggage Scales M64 (USA) and C64 (Canada)

Airports throughout the world are finding the rugged simplicity and long life of Pennsylvania Scale industrial products are ideal in the hard knock life of weighing airline baggage. Architects and designers appreciate our responsive customer service and clean designs. Airports and Gate Supervisors appreciate the rugged construction and sustained accuracy as well as compliance with local Weights and Measures regulations. Due to the increased emphasis on baggage weighing for weight and balance purposes plus charging for excess baggage weight, there is a renewed emphasis by the FAA and local Weights and Measures agencies for approved scales.

Pennsylvania Scales are widely used by municipalities, Airport Authorities, and commercial Airlines for the purpose of baggage check-in; their reputation for rugged reliability and no-nonsense support is spreading rapidly in the airport business. Major users include (but are not limited to) USAirways Pittsburgh; Miami International Airport (all terminals); Alaska Airlines; and many other installations at major airports worldwide.

  • Package includes single or dual displays; customize with up to 4 displays and extended cable lengths; weatherproof models for Curbside Check-In and portable units for Gate applications or weighing passengers.
  • Suitable for Commercial Applications (NTEP and Canada Weights and Measures)
  • Field proven design for long life and sustained accuracy in hard use applications
  • 12 guage SS top plate - outlasts the competition
  • Standard sizes of 18 x 24" and 24 x 24", custom sizes up to 30 x 30" available
  • Full subframe installs easily in a wide variety of bagwell configurations
  • Simplified load cell design outperforms planar beams in the 'real world'
  • Uses universal PLUS+ Series Main Board-- easily serviced in the field
  • 1:5000 displayed resolution provides improved accuracy
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Display of weight in single weight unit or Lbs/Kgs
  • Standard programmable data output for communication to printers and other systems
  • Fast deliveries possible
  • Highly competitive pricing


Pennsylvania 64 Airline Baggage Scale






NOW: UP TO 4 DISPLAYS AVAILABLE in choice of high intensity RED or GREEN

NOW: Specify 1, 2, 3, or 4 displays with any Pennsylvania baggage scale-- ideal for situations where a single platform is shared between two check-in stations. Additional displays can be added to most existing units in the field if re-purposed in another area of the terminal or installed for temporary check-in stations. This would provide a separate display-- WITH or WITHOUT buttons-- for (2) agents and (2) customer displays when shared.

Choose FLUSH MOUNT with SS bezel with buttons ZERO/UNITS/PRINT for agent side or WITHOUT buttons. Most popular configuration is shown at (R) -- ideal for front/back or inside the face of the bagwell. Standard GREEN LED's or specify high intensity RED LED displays:

Choose from 3 display options at no extra cost: SS Flush Mount (standard for both Agent and Passenger side with/without buttons for ZERO/UNITS/PRINT), Desk/Wall mount ideal for behind counter on Agent side, or Minitower. Standard cable lengths of 10' can be customized as long as 40' from the main platform unit.



low profile baggage scale at airport terminal


These M64 systems are perfect for the BAGGAGE SCALE replacement and upgrade business because it is a package that will serve you (airline, municipality, curbside check-in) far better than the competition-- with classic Pennsylvania rugged designs that will last, be easy to maintain, and provide superior service. Retrofit Kit also available



ITEM................... DESCRIPTION

Complete Airline Baggage Scale system w/ Indication*
• Specify 250, 500, or 1000 lbs Capacity
• 18" x 24" HD Platform w/ Stainless Steel Top Plate
• (2) SS Bezel mount Remote Displays w/ Y cable
• Superior performance, long life, easy installation
Includes (2) Displays


Complete Airline Baggage Scale system w/ Indication*
• Specify 250, 500, or 1000 lbs Capacity
• 24" x 24" HD Platform w/ Stainless Steel Top Plate
• (2) SS Bezel mount Remote Displays w/ Y cable
• Superior performance, long life, easy installation
Includes (2) Displays 


*Standard displays include buttons ZERO/UNITS/PRINT for the Agent and no buttons customer side. 









Other M64 Options & Upgrades

ALSO AVAILABLE various configurations of Platforms, Wheels, Columns, and Displays for weighing passengers at Check-In, Carry-on Baggage, or for Temporary set-up at Gates:

ALSO AVAILABLE Heavy Duty PLATFORM SCALES for weighing Cargo, Cargo Containers, Pups, and other purposes such as Air Freight stations, Freight Reweigh applications, and more. The versatile 6600 Floor Scale system is available in standard and custom sizes from 24 x 24" to 120 x 120" and capacities of 500 lbs to 40,000 lbs. A wide range of mounting options and accessories is available for any environment. The scales are designed for ON FLOOR, IN-FLOOR (pit) mounting or PORTABLE use.

Update: The M64 Airline Baggage scale has been very successful in the marketplace-- both for long term reliability and performance. A number of the FIRST units, dating all the way back to 1991 continue in service at Pittsburgh. We have been limited by the maximum 24 x 24" platform size... up to now.

ANNOUNCING larger platforms based on our well-proven and extremely rugged 6600 design! These, when equipped with a Stainless Steel shroud outperform competitive units using planar beams (with their poor response, drift, and light design) in many ways:

-- Sensortronics 65023 load cells, premium name-brand cells outlast and outperform light planar beam designs
-- HD design with 2" diameter rubber faced feet keep them in place
-- SUPERIOR proven Heavy Duty design to outperform the competition
-- As a package, HARD TO BEAT
-- 1:5000 accuracy, sustainable in the REAL WORLD
-- NTEP and Canada COC approved for commercial applications
Example: 24 x 36" Platform, complete package, dual displays


With this design, the electronics package consisting of aluminum enclosure housing the + Series Main Board and Single or Dual displays is located up under the service counter. For a VERY COMPETITIVE quote on these larger platform sizes, please contact us by clicking below.

REMINDER that you can purchase the M64 ELECTRONICS PACKAGE as a separate package to use with existing platforms or to upgrade existing poorly functioning electronics at a very competitive price -- either Single Display or Dual Display.

-- 1:5000 accuracy, sustainable in the REAL WORLD
-- NTEP and Canada COC approved for commercial applications
-- Universal compatibility with 'other' existing platforms
-- Technician's dream design using proven PLUS+ Main Board