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Rice Lake Roughdeck Cargo Scales

Rice Lake Roughdeck Cargo Scales

Extreme demands from the freight industry require expert manufacturing that can meet any magnitude of operations. Rice Lake offers the industry’s most durable weighing systems for streamlined weighing and process control.


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rice lake roughdeck cargo scales


RoughDeck® RC Roller Deck Cargo Scale
The RoughDeck RC roller deck cargo scale allows cargo containers to easily roll on and off the weighing platform. Fully customizable, the scale’s rollers can be aligned vertically or horizontally, with roller quantities and sizes to suit application needs.


RoughDeck® BC Ball Deck Cargo Scale
The RoughDeck BC Ball Deck Cargo Scale offers multi-directional ball transferring of heavy cargo. The scale can be loaded from any direction and is customizable to suit any application need or safety regulation.


RoughDeck® CC Caster Deck Cargo Scale
The RoughDeck CC Caster Deck Cargo Scale can be loaded or unloaded from any angle of the scale, with 360-degree castors swiveling to move and position cargo fast. With a weighing capacity up to 20,000 pounds, the CC castor deck scale has four removable top panels for accessing load cells.


RoughDeck® PC Pancake Cargo Scale
The RoughDeck PC Pancake Cargo Scale has low-rise wraparound ramps for forklift access and fast cargo loading. Easy to set in place without a pit installation, the PC pancake cargo scale is available as large as 10 by 10 ft for forklift turn pivoting and loading up to 20,000 pounds. Item 194338



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