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Rice Lake SCT-40 Signal Conditioning Transmitter and Weight Display

Designed for PLC systems that require seamless integration of weight data, the Rice Lake SCT-40 load cell amplifier provides reliable signal-conditioning function without the cost or bulk of a full size weight indicator/controller.


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  • LCD display, 60 x 32 mm
  • Supports up to 8 independent reading channels for load cells
  • Displays weight, configuration, calibration and error conditions
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Theoretical calibration, real-weight calibration and error conditions
  • Push button or preset tare
  • Converts digital weight to analog output or optional DeviceNet™ , Profibus™ or EtherNet/IP™ protocols
  • Supports ASCII or MODBUS RTU protocols
  • Full scale analog cut put with zero setting and PLC correction of analog signal
  • Bit swapping selection for little endian and endian format
  • 3 digital inputs, 5 digital outputs
  • One serial port, RS-232 simplex and RS-485 connection
  • CD manual


170471  Indicator, Convertor SCT40 SCT40-DN, 12-24VDC, DeviceNet Output, And RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
170472  Indicator, Convertor SCT40 SCT40-PB, 12-24VDC, ProfiBus Output, And RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
170474  Indicator, Convertor SCT40 SCT40-TCP, 12-24VDC, TCP/IP Output, And RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
170475  Indicator, Convertor SCT40 SCT40-MB, 12-24VDC, ModBus/TCP Output, And RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
170476  Indicator, Convertor SCT40 SCT40-PN, 12-24VDC, ProfiNet Output, And RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
170470  Indicator, Converter SCT40 SCT40-AN, 12-24VDC, Analog Output, and RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
170473  Indicator, Convertor SCT40 SCT40-IP, 12-24VDC, EtherNet/IP, And RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount


88792    Power Supply,IDEC 12VDC DIN Rail Mount, 1.3 Amp, Input: 85 to 264 VAC, 100 to 370 VDC 15W
119244  Power Supply,24VDC 1.3A Din Mount Input 90 to 264VAC,120 to 370VDC
131128  Lit, Manual SCT-40 Series SCT Weight Transmitter