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Rice Lake SURVIVOR IM-Axle In-Motion Axle Scale

Rice Lake SURVIVOR IM-Axle In-Motion Axle Scale

Rice Lake SURVIVOR IM-Axle is an ideal solution for a variety of industries, from agriculture to forestry. Constructed with SURVIVOR durability for reliable performance with the advantage of weighing vehicles in-motion. Weighs trucks at speeds up to 4 mph without the need to stop. Captures and totalizes axle weights within 1% total error. Installed in a shallow pit with a 50' approach on each side


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Rice Lake SURVIVOR® Advantage Series IM-Axle, In-motion Axle Scale

Simplify Inventory Tracking

Keep trucks moving with an in-motion axle scale to ensure load compliance and streamline inventory tracking. The IM-Axle in-motion axle scale is a non-Legal for Trade solution for inventory tracking in a variety of industries from agriculture to forestry and everything in between.

Trucks drive over the in-motion axle scale at up to 4 mph, and axle weights are captured and totalized with 1% total error.

The IM-Axle System

The IM-Axle scale's weighbridge is 120 inches wide and 30 inches long, constructed with SURVIVOR durability for reliable performance in the most demanding conditions. The weighbridge is installed in a shallow pit with a 50-foot approach on each side and a speed sensor to help ensure weight is captured to the greatest accuracy.

The weighbridge is paired with the 1280 Enterprise™ Series indicator with software designed specifically for in-motion axle weighing. This program will record individual axle weights and automatically total the weights for individual truck IDs. Weights are then displayed on a LaserLight2 remote display for clear communication to drivers. An optional printer can be installed to print tickets.


Size:144 in x 30 in x 11.25 in
Estimated Weight: 2,850 lb (without concrete deck)
Load Cells: Flintec RC3, 22.5 t
Accuracy: <1% error at 4 mph
Full Scale Capacity: 70,000 lb


in motion vehicle weighing scale

lowering the scale platform into the ground
Lowering the scale into the ground


in motion truck scale ready for trucks to drive over and weigh without stopping
In Motion Vehicle Scale ready for trucks to drive over the scale and weigh

truck in/out gross tare net weight paper receipt
Weigh Out Ticket (AuxFmt1, 2, 4) - If Weigh In/Out Enabled



179525   Display, LaserLight2, Stop-Go, cUL, 4 inch LED, 115/230VAC, Painted Encl Flange Mnt
209396   1280 Enterprise Indicator, universal enclosure with in-motion software
201182   In-motion axle scale weighbridge
201449   Pit frame support beam (2 required)
207129   Speed sensor