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Rice Lake RoughDeck LP Low Profile Floor Scale

Rice Lake RoughDeck LP Low Profile Floor Scale

Rice Lake Weighing Systems RoughDeck LP low profile platform scales are a safe and reliable weighing system for all-purpose weighing with included ramps on each end.


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RoughDeck® LP Low Profile Floor Scale

RoughDeck LP is a low-profile scale just 3 inches tall with a diamond treadplate to provide greater traction. A rigid structural steel frame provides durability for weighing. The elongated platform is made to fit in spaces that may normally be a challenge.

Two built-in ramps provide easy access to the platform while 2-inch live side rails ensure safe, accurate weighing anywhere on the scale. RoughDeck LP has IP69K hermetically sealed load cells which makes them waterproof. This scale is designed for washdown cleaning and withstanding dirt, dust, and moisture for reliable weighing in any environment.


  • Painted mild steel with 304 stainless steel ramp rail cover plates
  • Diamond tread scale top plate and ramps
  • Live siderails
  • Self-centering ball and load receiver plate load introduction
  • EL204 signal trim top access junction box



Part #     Description <br>
204615    Scale, Floor Roughdeck LP 3x6LP-2K 3ftx6ft 2,000lb 20ft w/ Quick Connect NTEP III 5 Steel Painted, ball and socket foot