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Discontinued - Salter Brecknell S122 Scale

Discontinued - Salter Brecknell S122 Scale

Low Cost, High Performance, Weighing, Counting or Checkweighing, Large, Easy to Read Display, Battery or AC/DC Operation for the Salter Brecknell S122. NTEP Certified - 150, 300 and 600 lb, Portable.


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Check Weighing : Simple check weighing feature, with built in limit indicators of LOW, OK, and HIGH.
Configurable Audio alarm settings. Target setting can be used for simple weighing or counting.
Counting: Simple counting feature using the Sample and Count keys with selectable sample sizes of 10, 20, 50, and 100 pieces. For accurate counting, minimum piece weight is suggested at 1/2 of a displayed division.
Weight Accumulation and Totalizer: Accumulates weight and number of transactions for multiple weighments
Units Switching: Switch between lb/kg or configure the scale to switch to one of the following kg, g, lb or lb/oz
Tare: Repeatable tare deduction feature
Weight Platter: Smooth stainless steel platform allows for easy clean-up
High Resolution: Configurable resolutions from 3,000 divisions (NTEP certified) to 10,000 divisions

Capacity and Resolution:
816965001163 -- 75 kg x 20 g / 150 x 0.05 lb
816965001170 -- 150 kg x 50 g / 300 x 0.1 lb
816965001187 -- 300 kg x 100 g / 600 x 0.2 lb

Resolutions shown above are NTEP certified at 3,000 divisions.

Resolutions between 3,000 - 10,000 displayed divisions are configurable but not NTEP certified.