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Rice Lake Automated Ticketing Kiosk

Rice Lake Automated Ticketing Kiosk

Rice Lake line of Automated Ticketing Kiosks eliminates the need to hand-write a ticket for each weighment, giving your system the efficiency it needs to keep up with growing business.


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Automated Kiosk Systems Streamline Traffic & Data Management

Rice Lake’s Automated Kiosk Systems boost efficiency and optimize the flow of traffic in and out of your facility with fully automated or semi-unattended ticketing. With ticketing kiosks, drivers can check-in, weigh-in and -out, and print tickets without ever exiting the truck, increasing safety for your drivers. By automating everything from point-of-sale to account management, this system virtually eliminates transaction errors.

Rice Lake’s kiosks can integrate with the central office and accounting systems, no matter the size. The user-friendly interface is housed in a rugged, painted mild or stainless steel enclosure for long-lasting use. Automated kiosks are ideal for a variety of applications, including ports, transfer stations, landfills, warehouses, feed mills, grain terminals, chemical plants, construction sites, load-out facilities and more.


Automated Ticketing Kiosks for Truck Scales

Weigh Out/Printer Kiosk

  • 920i® HMI with sun shield
  • Six serial ports
  • 1 MB database memory
  • Two additional expansion slots
  • Slide door access to ticket
  • 8 in paper roll
  • Operator prompting
  • Formatable tickets 
  • Transmits weight to remote display
  • Stop/Go remote display traffic light control
  • Direct thermal kiosk printer

Weigh/Check In Kiosk

  • 920i® HMI with sun shield
  • Four serial ports
  • 120 VAC
  • Two option slots for 920i option cards

Weigh Out/Printer Kiosk Options:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP (wired and Wi-Fi options available)
  • Single or dual channel A/D cards
  • RFID reader
  • Currency accepter (US currency only)
  • Internal heater
  • Gate control
  • Loop detector output
  • Automated traffic light control
  • Credit card reader (US and Canadian currency)

Consult for the following options:

  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Bar code badge scanner
  • 230 VAC



Weigh/Check In Kiosk

153353  Kiosk, Inbound 920i 20x20x10 in., No Printer or Heater. Includes 119668 Panel Mount 920, 94180 Sunshield, with Din Rail. AND SURGE SUPPRESSION


Weigh Out/Printer Kiosk

119687  ATS Kiosk, 920i Outbound Painted MS, Thermal Printer, With Slide Door Access Includes 920i, Dual serial card slot-1 and Memory card slot-2, NO A/D Sunshield with Soft keys visible, 120 VAC With Transflective, Positive Mode display.





119691  Sub-Assembly, Keypad Anti-Vandal Metal Casing Option w/ Mounting Hardware. Includes Wiring Drawings.

176452  Reader, HID Smart Card Assembly Includes Wiegand to RS232 Converter and Mounting Hardware (Replacement for part 85901)

119692  Option, Qwerty Keyboard PS2, Panel Mount, 88-Key with mounting hardware. Includes Wiring Drawings.

119693  Heater, 200W Sub-Assembly 120VAC w/ fan & thermostat. Includes Wiring Drawings And Mounting Hardware.

119761  Ethernet Unmanaged Switch Requires 12 To 36 VDC ESW105, Industrial 5 port

119689  Kiosk option, A/D Single Channel 920i, Includes Din Rail, Terminals, Wiring And Drawing.

119690  KIOSK Opt, A/D Dual Channel 920i, Includes Din Rail, Terminals, Wiring And Drawing.

119946  ATS Printer OPT, Ethernet UDS-1100 Converter with cable and mounting hardware for Kiosk Printer. 40 inch, 28 pin M to 9 pin M.

120040  ATS Printer OPT, Ethernet UDS-2100 Converter with cable and mounting hardware for kiosk printer. Blunt end.

33490  Kit, Relay 4 Channel Opto With mounting screws and washers.

21159  Board, AC Transient Protection EL226 B/O