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SL-3700 Tournament Fishing Weigh-In Scale

SL-3700 Tournament Fishing Weigh-In Scale

The SL-3700 Tournament Fishing scale is available to local fishing clubs, tournaments, fishing charter boat operators, and sportsmen. The scale is factory calibrated to display weights up to 50 lbs. in 0.01 lb increments. The internal rechargeable battery means that you can take this scale right to the dock. 12"x14"


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Advanced digital scales that are perfect for fishing clubs all around. If you and your club or tournament need a high quality set of scales that are built to last but don't cost thousands of dollars then you need to take a look at this scale system. The SL-3700 Tournament Fishing scale is a great choice for fishing clubs, tournaments, charter boat operators, and just average fishing enthusiasts.

The scale is factory calibrated to display weights up to 50 lbs. in 0.01 lb increments. The internal rechargeable battery means that you can take this scale right to the dock. The scale can run for hours of continuous use before a recharge is needed, and you can even use the scale while it is being recharged. The scale platter size is a generous 12"x14" size to accommodate clothes baskets, buckets, totes, or any other weighing container.


Tournament Fish Weighing Software
"Tournament Fish Weighing Software" is built into the scale system. The scale has weight lock functionality and filtering in the settings. Choose to use it or not. The choice is up to you.



Now the same weighing technology that weighed the big catches at popular tournaments is available for local fishing clubs

The SL-3700 scales are particularly suited to fishing tournament weigh-in applications and general purpose weighing. These are very affordable scales with accurate weights up to 50 lbs in 0.01 pound increments. This stainless steel indicator operates on standard AC power or rechargeable battery (both included). On a full charge, the scale battery should last approximately 15 hours. A simple to read digital indicator w/ LCD display can be wall or table mounted for easy visibility and this system also features advanced motion filtering and weight hold feature which may be turned on or off.

sl-3700 fishing tournament scales

The SL-3700 features a RS-232 interface that can transmit and receive using a demand type protocol. This feature allows a large remote display to be attached for tournament crowds.

The SL-3700 features a durable low profile stainless steel 12"x14" weigh platform which allows for easy weighing. This scale system is a relatively low cost, yet versatile and portable washdown safe tournament scale perfect for any size tournament.



Capacity (lb)
50 x 0.01 lb
12" x 14"  
Rechargeable Battery and/or AC power
Display LCD with Backlight
Standard RS232 Serial
Operator Keys
On/Off/Zero, Tare, Units (lb/kg), Print
Low profile stainless steel platform and stainless steel indicator with desk mount included.


SL3700 Frequently Asked Questions

Is this scale washdown?  The weight indicator is officially listed as NEMA 4X / IP65. That is on the lower side of "washdown ratings". So yes it can handle a little water. The term "splash proof" is probably the best way to describe the washdown rating. If water resistance is really important to your application, we suggest you take a look at our Doran line of washdown bench scales which feature some IP69K rated enclosures. The scale platform is a painted steel weighing platform with stainless steel cover. This should work well for any basic weighing that you might do at a fishing tournament.  

Does this scale display weight in lb:oz?   No, it does not

If I place an order, how long before I receive the scale?   These scales normally ship from NC within 2-3 business days after the order is placed. 

Does the scale have a hold function?  Yes, the scale has a hold function. You can choose to use that function or not. It's best to let us know when ordering if you want the hold function turned on or off so we can do that while we are setting the scale up.

Is this scale NTEP certified?  Both scale scale indicator and the scale base have earned NTEP certificate of conformance numbers.

Where is this scale manufactured?  Overseas, depending on availability and current stock, the answers would be China and/or Taiwan.

How long will the battery last on a charge?  This can vary depending on things like auto off settings and backlight settings and how old the rechargeable battery is, but generally the battery should last around 15 hours on a full charge.