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Thurman TS600 Desktop Instrument

Thurman TS600 Desktop Instrument

The Thurman TS600 desktop scale controller is available as a standard analog instrument (Model TS601) or featuring Thurman Scale’s exclusive Intalogix Technology (Model TS611), the scale industry's leading load cell communication and surge protection technology.


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With Thurman TS600 Instruments, you don’t have to pay for expensive features that are not applicable to your business. Thurman has taken the essential instrument functions used in sophisticated, high-traffic vehicle weighing and packaged them into economical, yet attractive steel enclosures perfect for office, industrial or washdown environments.

TS600 Instruments transmit weight data through a serial connection to a personal computer for scale software interfacing, or transfer .csv transaction files directly to a USB flash drive. TS600 Instruments are smart enough to identify and match inbound and outbound vehicles, store up to 1,000 tare weights, capture truck identification, and print transaction tickets. They also integrate with all manufacturers’ analog scales and popular traffic light controls.

These, and many other exciting features, make TS600 Instruments the perfect economical choice to replace an old or failed analog instrument, or create a new digital single platform weighing system.



Gross - Tare - Net
GTN mode allows the scale operator to process weighments with or without the use of a keyboard-entered Tare or Autotare by simply pressing the PRINT key.

This mode allows the Operator to weigh a vehicle “In” and temporarily store the transaction using a Loop ID (15 alphanumeric characters). When the vehicle returns to the scale to exit the facility, simply press the “Out” key to recall the Inbound weighment and complete the transaction with Gross, Tare and Net values. In/Out mode supports up to 1000 stored Tares.

Basic In/Out
This Basic In/Out mode is designed for applications in which no calculated NET weight is desired. After entering the scale, a loaded vehicle’s weight is captured by pressing the GROSS PRINT button — an empty vehicle is captured by pressing the TARE PRINT button


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36165   TS601 Analog Instrument - Desktop model 
36180   TS602 Analog Instrument - Washdown model
36181   TS603 Analog Instrument - Panel Mount model

36173   TS611 Instrument with Intalogix Technology - Desktop Model
36182   TS612 Instrument with Intalogix Technology – Washdown model
36183   TS613 Instrument with Intalogix Technology – Panel Mount model