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TP232 Serial Surge Protector

TP232 Serial Surge Protector

The TP232 RS-232 high energy surge protector is safe to use with computers and PLCs. This device offers three stages of protection using different technologies for optimal surge protection.


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The TP232 includes two metal mounting brackets. The device features three stages of protection: Gas discharge tube, series resistor and transient voltage suppressor (TVS) and two terminal posts for ground. RS-232 high energy surge protector features terminal blocks for transmit, receive, request to send, clear to send and signal ground.

Safe for use with Computers, PLCs, Indicators, Remote Displays Printers and more. This is a nice choice to place between your Rice Lake Laserlight remote display and your digital weight indicator. This device is for items communicating via RS-232 so you might ask how far does RS-232 travel? The answer most folks will tell you is because of sensitivity to noise, etc... RS232 is not recommended for applications requiring more than 50 feet of travel.


tp232 rs-232 serial communication surge protector


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