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Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM Kiosk Vehicle Scale Controls

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM Kiosk Vehicle Scale Controls

Keep your truck scale operating safely, efficiently and smoothly without a dedicated operator. Ideal for: agriculture, aggregates, asphalt, feed mill, food processing, mining, recycling, solid waste, transfer station and more.


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Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM Series Kiosk Key Benefits

› Faster in-out weighing leads to higher throughput
› Less time at the scale means more time for efficient deliveries and less fuel wasted sitting idle
› Improved traffic flow appeals to busy drivers and increases profitability
› 24/7 automation expands service hours and reduces labor costs
› Drivers can stay in their vehicle which improves safety & reduces liability of people walking across scale
› Fewer transaction errors builds stronger customer relationships


Kiosk family of products provides flexibility
Whether your application requires a scale operator and ID card reader, fully unattended operator functions, or the ZM Kiosk weighing terminal for attended and unattended installations, we offer a solution that can seamlessly integrate into your application. Driver Communication: ID card reader or Voice over IP(VoIP) intercom. Printer only: Provides robust, temperature protected printing where an attendant is present

Consisting of an automated control console, a ZM510, ZM605, or ZM615 Indicator, and a thermal printer inside an IP66 enclosure, the ZM Kiosk is one component of an integrated, unattended truck scale system from Avery Weigh-Tronix.

Additional options available for increased driver / operator convenience
Options such as an ID card reader, QWERTY keyboard, vehicle detection and Voice over IP(VoIP) intercom can be added for increased flexibility.

This unattended truck scale terminal keeps your truck scale running smoothly without a dedicated operator, lowering operating costs and extending the hours of availability.


ZM Kiosk Series - Truck Scale Control Systems

ZM Kiosks - Base model includes: Lockable outdoor enclosure (24"H x 20"W x 10"D, painted steel), Ethernet kiosk thermal printer with cutter/presenter (includes one paper roll) , high quality DIN rail power supply with 24V/10A output, and 5-port Gigabit industrial Ethernet switch.

PART # ............. DESCRIPTION
AWT05-509343   Base model kiosk w/ printer
AWT05-509345   Base model kiosk w/ printer + RFID reader
AWT05-509344   Base model kiosk w/ printer + Intercom / Master Phone package
AWT05-509342   Base model kiosk w/ printer + RFID reader + Intercom / Master Phone package


Select (1) of the Indicators below for the system
AWT05-508019   Panel-mount ZM615 (recommended for best display readability in outdoor applications)
AWT05-508015   Panel-mount ZM605 
AWT05-508252   Panel-mount ZM510