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Discontinued - Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK810 Counting Scale

Discontinued - Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK810 Counting Scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK810 Digital Counting Scale is designed to provide highly accurate piece counts and general weighing information for applications that do not require legal for trade approval. With a simplified user interface and robust BSQ Quartzell base, the ZK810 reduces customer training time while providing the strength and accuracy required for a variety of counting and weighing applications.


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Based on valuable feedback received from the field regarding the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK810 Counting Scale over the last few months, the factory has made a couple of improvements to make this scale even faster and easier to operate.

All new ZK810 Counting Scales will now come standard with a new front-mounted display. This new display is mounted at a 45 degree angle, making it much easier for the operator to see and use. Along with changing the angle of the display, the factory has also simplified the re-calibration process. It is now even easier to step through the zero, span, and linear point calibration processes. Below you can see a picture of the scale with the angled display that is much easier to read.


weigh-tronix zk810 industrial counting scale


Outperforms similarly priced counting scales
The ZK810 was built for counting. The Quartzell used in the ZK810 provides outstanding accuracy but with fewer cornering and profiling steps than the standard Quartzell in the ZK830 and ZK840. This allows for reduced production time and cost savings while maintaining internal resolution of 1 billion counts, and accuracy over 99% for incredibly small parts.

Simplified user interface
With just the essential counting scale features, the ZK810 Counting Scale is simple to operate. Training and setup are straightforward, so you can start weighing and counting in just a few short steps.

Robust design
The ZK810 uses the same robust clam shell case as our BSQ. Combined with the new suspended Quartzell design, the ZK810 offers 1100% overload protection. 


Once the ZK810 counting scale was launched, customers asked us to compare this to the ZK830.

Below are a few differences to consider.


What are the main differences between the ZK810 and the ZK830?
The most noticeable differences are the ZK810 is more affordable, only has 1 base size, one capacity with fixed 35,000d displayed resolution, slightly less accurate than the ZK830 but will still outperform all other counting scales within its price range. It has simplified operations, making operator training faster and ideal for straightforward counting scale applications which do not require a database, printer or scanner.

When would I buy a ZK810 over a ZK830?
There are lots of general purpose counting scale applications that do not require the higher accuracy offered with our ZK830 and ZK840 and do not need all the extra peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, remote bases, databases or stack lights. The ZK810 has been redesigned to just the essentials to provide an affordable, digital alternative to compete against much lower cost analog counting scales or balances, seen within this price range. The ZK810 offers outstanding Quartzell sampling accuracy at an affordable price. Please note this affordable counting scale was designed for counting unlike others on the market today.

weigh-tronix zk810 parts counting scale

Why is the ZK810 display vertical and not at a more readable angle like the ZK830?
This has been changed as of March 2020. Older units had displays mounted flat. Existing older versions can be retrofitted with the new angled bracket by ordering part number AWT05-100031. The ZK810 display was designed vertically to stop any falling parts from damaging the overlay/ display area. The vertically mounted display combined with the 45 degree deflection angle helps deflect any falling parts away from the display area. The ZK810’s IBN display technology makes viewing the display easy from most angles, (this is old info, the ZK810 scales now come with the angled front display).

Is the ZK810 less accurate compared to the ZK830?
Yes. The ZK810 is less accurate compared to the ZK830 and ZK840 due to the differences in the Quartzell manufacturing process. However, the count accuracy performance that the ZK810 offers will outperform all other scales within this price bracket.





PART # .................. MODEL # ............. CAPACITY X READABILITY ........ PLATFORM .... SHIP WT
AWT05-509369      ZK810-0912-070      70 lb x 0.002 lb / 35 kg x 0.001 kg        9" x 12"            19 lb