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Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM615 Weight Indicator

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM615 Weight Indicator

A flexible, high performance weight indicator with a large graphical display, the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM615 is fully programmable, offering an ideal solution for custom requirements. Multiple built-in communication technology ports give users the ability to display, store and transmit data across devices. IP69K rated.


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- Large 320 x 160 display to show more user prompts, graphics and simultaneously multiple weight values
- IP69K desktop and IP66 panel mount stainless steel enclosures
- Compatible with analog scale systems and BSQ digital base
- Supports up to four scale systems
- Multiple serial and USB ports and Ethernet port with multiple connections
- Options for feature enhancements

Dot-matrix graphical display
The ultra-bright green and black graphic Improved Super Twisted Nematic (ISTN) display provides excellent visibility and color contrast. The large 320x160 pixel display provides plenty of space to display user-prompts, graphics, images and multiple weight values. With its wide viewing angles, the high-contrast display is easily visible in extreme working environments and can be inverted for optimum viewing in brightly lit locations.

The desktop ZM615 is IP69K certified and enclosed in 304 brushed stainless steel, making it ideal for use in heavy washdown (food) or dusty environments. The indicator also adapts to desk, wall or column mount applications, making it suitable for a range of applications.

Tailored connectivity
The ZM615 has multiple serial and USB ports included as standard, with an Ethernet port that can be configured to support ten independent devices, DHCP client/server and Ethernet sockets in addition to all serial protocols. With an array of connectivity options, the ZM615 is designed to ensure compatibility and communication between old and new peripheral technologies.

The ZM615 features an alpha-numeric keypad with chemical resistant, metal domed keys, which give the user crisp, positive tactile feedback when compressed. Five programmable keys allow specific weighing tasks to be assigned to the indicator, allowing weighing operations to be carried out quickly and effectively. The ZM615 also supports the additional of external USB keyboard.

The ZM615 is versatile and flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of applications, from bench to floor scales, outdoor vehicle weighing to weighing in a hygienic food environment.

weigh-tronix zm615 digital scale controller


ZM615 Digital Weight Indicator
Legal for trade CC14-039 Class III/IIIL 10,000 Divisions, AM-5955C

Part number ............ Description
AWT05-508016      Dot matrix 320 x 160 display, Stainless steel IP69K desk top , US plug
AWT05-508019      Dot matrix 320 x 160 display, Stainless steel panel mount enclosure*
*UL/cUL pending


AWT05-505632   Analog output kit
AWT05-505634   Current Loop/RS485/RS422 kit
AWT05-505633   USB device kit
AWT05-508060   DeviceNet™ kit
AWT05-508061   Profibus® kit
AWT05-505849   Wireless Ethernet communication (802.11 b/g) kit
AWT05-508062   Analog Scale Input, 5 VDC excitation kit
AWT05-508063   Analog Scale Input, 10 VDC excitation with STVS kit
AWT05-508266   DC Output, 4 relays 3-60VDC at 2A kit
AWT05-508267   DC Input, 4 Inputs 4-30VDC kit
AWT05-508268   AC Output, 4 relays 20-240VAC at 1A kit
AWT05-508269   AC Input, 4 Inputs 120-240VAC kit
AWT05-508265   External I/O interface required for AWT05-508727
AWT05-508727   16 Position I/O board only (requires p/n AWT05-508265)
AWT05-505844   VAC In-line power module US power plug
AWT25-502053   6 in Extension ribbon cable for 16 I/O board
AWT25-502054   18 in Extension ribbon cable for 16 I/O board
AWT25-502055   36 in Extension ribbon cable for 16 I/O board
AWT25-502056   60 in Extension PVC jacketed rolled cable for 16 I/O board
AWT05-505850   USB watertight gland for stainless steel models
AWT05-505851   Ethernet watertight gland for stainless steel models
AWT25-501235   DC Voltage input cable 9'
AWT05-508053   Sever Transient Voltage Suppressor (STVS) extreme lighting protection
AWT05-506036   Kit, ZM-OPTO Board Only
AWT05-506034   Enclosure Assy, ZM-OPTO (Stainless Steel)
AWT05-506033   Enclosure Assy, ZM-OPTO (Painted Carbon Steel)
AWT05-508726   SSCU-8 board only
AWT05-508729   SSCU-8 painted carbon NEMA 4 enclosure and board
AWT05-508730   SSCU-8 stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure and board
Note: SSCU-8 requires the external I/O interface AWT05-508265
Note: on/off switches or lights for above require remote mounting

AWT05-508734   Ztools PC utility program (version or higher)
AWT05-508174   External agency sealing kit IP69K model
AWT05-508170   Panel mount agency external sealing kit
AWT05-509188   E1310 panel mount adapter kit (mounting plates, bezel, hardware)


Output Modules (Maximum of 3 output models can be fitted inside the OPTO22 relay box)

AWT25-502031   G4IDC5D 2.5 to 28 DC volt input module
AWT25-502032   G4IDC5B 4 to 16 DC volt input module
AWT25-502033   G4IDC5 10 to 32 AC/DC volt input module
AWT25-502034   G4IDC5G 35 to 60 AC/DC volt input module
AWT25-502035   G4IAC5 90 to 140 AC/DC volt input
AWT25-502036   G4IAC5A 180 to 280 AC/DC volt input module
AWT25-502042   G4ODC5R .5amp, SPST normally open dry contact relay
AWT25-502043   G4ODC5R5 .5amp, SPST normally closed dry contact relay
AWT25-502037   G4ODC5 5 to 60 DC volt output module
AWT25-502038   G4ODC5A 5 to 200 DC volt output module
AWT25-502039   G4OAC5 12 to 140 AC volt output module
AWT25-502040   G4OAC5A 24 to 280 AC volt output module
AWT25-502041   G4OAC5A5 (NC) 24 to 280 AC volt output module


I/O Modules (Maximum of sixteen any combination for AWT05-508727)

AWT25-502045   3-60VDC at 3A output module
AWT25-502047   12-140 VAC at 3A output module
AWT25-502048   24-280 VAC at 3A output module
AWT25-502049   3.3-32 VDC input module
AWT25-502050   10-60 VAC or VDC input module
AWT25-502051   90-140 VAC or VDC input module
AWT25-502052   180-280 VAC or VDC input module