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Yamato DP-6700 Platform Scale

Yamato DP-6700 Platform Scale

Designed for checkweighing, grading, packing, counting, and weight totals. NTEP-approved legal for trade in the US and Canada. IP65 rated washdown when battery operated and AC jack is sealed. Available capacities: 60, 150, and 300 pounds. Stainless-steel construction. 14-inch x 20-inch platform. Extra-large LCD display, with annunciators, for enhanced weight readability.


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Yamato P/N ............ Product Description
MFG-1233-001010       DP-6700-60
MFG-1233-001040       DP-6700-150
MFG-1233-001070       DP-6700-300
MFG-1233-001110       DP-6700 SM 60lb/30kg
MFG-1238-001070       DP-6700 NSF 300LB